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Things to Do in Dholpur - Ghariyal

Dholpur Itinerary: Chambal Safari, Machkund & Talab Shahi

You might be hearing about Dholpur and all my experiences for the first time, but it's a must go place for a traveller. If you're looking for a reason, then this might be it....
Marina Beach Sunrise HighwayMonks

10 New Beach Destinations in India other than Goa

Forget about Goa, I’m adding here 10 New beach destinations in India which will make your friends jealous of the travel update and beach selfies. Goa is definitely the first pick when it comes to...

“The Banaras Nightlife”, Things to Do in Varanasi at Night

Varanasi is not a city where you can expect a nightlife. It’s definitely a big city in Uttar Pradesh, but the old city area features not many things which stay open in late hours. Here...

8 Things to Do when You are at Assi Ghat, Varanasi

#1 Assi Ghat at Sunrise Even if you’re a lazy person, Varanasi will wake you up in early hours. The traffic in the old city starts before Sunrise and the vehicle horn is noisy enough...

9 Local Food in Varanasi for the Love of Indian Cuisines!

I’m adding here nine local food you must have in Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi (I prefer Banaras). During my six days visit in November 2016, I ate eight of them, and have one...

8+ Tourist Places Near Chandigarh within 100KMs

Chandigarh itself is a beautiful city, but there are a lot of attractions around you must visit. Once in this Union Territory, you can use this list to know about best attractions near Chandigarh. Since...

7 Places to See Snowfall in Himachal Pradesh from Delhi

A compilation of places to see snowfall in Himachal Pradesh from Delhi. As the calendar inches towards the cold breeze, the mountains in Himachal Pradesh has started getting white. There are places in the state...

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