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HighwayMonks is a travel blog. We, Pawan Kumar and Nishant Srivastava, started this blog to compile the best information, tips, and tricks which come from our personal experiences and are worth sharing with the world.

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar HighwayMonksCo-founder of HighwayMonks, Pawan started his career into Blogging in 2009, when no one believed in this career option. He even ditched his engineering degree, getting admission into the virtual school of Dropouts.

Since then, he has made dozens of blogs, managed even more and have been a freelance content writer. Later in 2016, he decided to come out from his cave (mom calls his room, A Cave) and started sharing his traveling updates.

Pawan Kumar Kashmir to KanyakumariIn a span of seven months, he managed to do more than 31,000KMs of road trip, counting for 110 continuous days, including one Kashmir to Kanyakumari trip. Now being called with different names (free bird, tashref-e-khas, baba,…), he continues with his weird plans.

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Nishant Srivastava

Nishant Srivastava FilmyKeeday HighwayMonksCo-funder of HighwayMonks, and founder of a known blog, FilmyKeeday. Nishant have been a movie buff (big time) and now have started devoting his valuable time to solo travel.

His journey as a solo traveller started with a Train Journey which took him to the Southern part of India, exploring new culture and food. Since then, he has been looking for every possible chance to go out and explore.

Nishant Srivastava HighwayMonksYou can find him using movie quotes and dialogues while traveling and using Batman philosophies to keep himself inspired to travel further. He is a crazy person. Don’t believe? Check out his experience of Delhi to Spiti Valley Solo Bike Trip.

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The blog is not even a year old, and we have completed two major road trips and various small ones. Our team is getting strong with more new travelers sharing their experiences on this platform we created.

The blog was started with 50 days long solo bike tour of Pawan Kumar, named All India Solo Bike Tour, and soon after its completion, we were again on 60 days long road trip, named All India Digital Skill Mission as a Travel Partner.

Within a span of six months, we have covered more than 30,000KMs by road, including one Kashmir to Kanyakumari road trip.

We have been covered in a lot of leading newspapers, and even featured on TV and Radio channels.

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