Want to know everything about Inner Line Permit of North East?

It’s a document, a.k.a. paperwork needed for a citizen to travel to a particular state among Seven Sisters.

Usually, these Inner Line Permits are needed whenever you’re approaching an International Border Area. Like you need similar permits to go to Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. But, the rule isn’t present at every place sharing the International Border!

Everything about Inner Line Permit of North East

When it comes to North East, which comprises of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh (Sikkim is also part of the family), three of the states require ILP paperwork.

Mizoram, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh are the three states for which you need Inner Line Permit. Without these, you’re not allowed to travel these states, at all!

What is Inner Line Permit of North East?

It’s a travel document issued to a citizen of India when he/she is entering a protected area under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations act. These regulations were set by Britishers (in 1873) and were later taken over by the Government of India.

Mizoram ILP HighwayMonks

The sole purpose of the ILP is to protect these areas from gaining access by everyone easily. Britishers used to keep an eye on citizens coming in the areas as these were really important from the commercial point of view.

Hence, these areas were termed as “Protected Areas.” You can read everything about it here if you’re history freak or likes keeping all these information. 

Why take ILP for North East India?

It’s a must have travel document before entering Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Mizoram. Without these documents, you are not allowed to travel inside the state premises!

The states mentioned above share borders with neighbouring countries. So, carrying an ILP proves your identity as an Indian citizen.

You get the idea when this document will come handy, right?

Documents required for North East ILP

  • You need to carry total 10 passport size photographs and even keep them in spare.
  • You need a government issued ID proof like a driving licence, voter ID, Aadhaar card, or passport. Anyone of them will do the job!
  • You need to carry a pen and glue to fix the photographs as usually, the government offices don’t have them available for normal people.
Mizoram ILP Form
Mizoram ILP Form

Where to Get North East ILP?

There are three, in fact, four places from where you can get the ILP for travelling North East states.

#1 New Delhi

You can get it from the individual houses of these states in New Delhi. You can search for Mizoram House New Delhi, Nagaland House New Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh House New Delhi on Google Maps and navigate to each place.

Mizoram House New Delhi
source – Google Maps

These are state government offices from where you can get the ILPs. If you live in Delhi or nearby state, it’s advisable to take the permits from here, as the houses are near to each other. And, you don’t have to worry about getting permits rather, start travelling from day one!

In Delhi, you’ll get it done within a single day if it’s not Saturday, Sunday or any other National Holiday!

#2 Kolkata

You can similarly do a Google Search for Mizoram, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh houses in Kolkata city.

Navigate to the addresses found and complete the procedure of paper work.

#3 Guwahati

The procedure of finding the houses for particular states is same. In Guwahati, you’ll find Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh houses in 6th Mile area.

Nagaland House ILP Guwahati

And, the Mizoram house is on the Guwahati-Shillong (GS) road.

#4 From the State Borders

Before entering the state borders of the three states, you’ll find government offices, where you can get ILP. But, this is not a recommended move, as if you miss the ILP office, then you’ve to go back.

Mizoram ILP Office Address India
source – mizoram.nic.in

Or, if that office is closed for any reason, you won’t be allowed to enter that particular state. So, it’s not advisable, at all!

Useful Tip – If you forget to take ILP for Nagaland and Mizoram, then go to Silchar, which is the connecting town for both these states. From Silchar, you can get ILPs for both these states!

Is there any way to get North East ILP online?

Earlier, Arunachal Pradesh official website was offering a procedure to get ILP online but, I couldn’t find it active at the writing of this guide.

So, you can check the official state websites of the three states and see if there is a possibility!


  1. Walk-in the particular state house and ask the officials to get the ILP.
  2. They will give you a form (will charge 5-20INR for the ILP Form) to fill up personal details like Name, Father’s Name, Occupation, Address, Phone number, etc.
  3. Attach the passport photograph on the form and submit it with the xerox copy of ID card, and the fee.
  4. The receiving officer will tell you the exact time when you’ll get the permit document.

In my case, I got the Mizoram permit on the same day at 3 PM, while the Nagaland permit was given on the next day at 1 PM. I couldn’t get the Arunachal permit as my plans were not fixed that time. Mizoram and Nagaland permit cost me about 200INR, including the xerox charges!

Later, I was supposed to take ILP for Arunachal Pradesh from Dibrugarh. The reason why I couldn’t take AP ILP was because there are multiple ILP permits for AP, depending on the place or area you’re visiting.

Mizoram House ILP Guwahati
Mizoram House, Guwahati

So, once you have a final list of places to visit, share it with the official and he/she will guide you about which ILPs you need for the travel.

Like, you need an ILP for visiting Tawang but, if you plan to visit Zemithang, a different permit is required which you can get from Tawang itself. I was informed about all these by an officer at Arunachal Pradesh house in Guwahati.

Arunachal Pradesh ILP Form
Arunachal Pradesh ILP Form

This is why, it’s important to carry 15-20 passport photographs and 10-15 xerox copy of the ID proof when you’re travelling North East, especially if you’ve planned to visit these three states.

Important Information!

Each ILP comes with an expiry date. Like, you get just 7 days permit for Mizoram, while Nagaland offers the permit for a month!

In the case of Arunachal Pradesh, you get a time period of 15 days with a permit.

The official website of Mizoram confirms that the ILP is valid for 15 days but, mine was for 7 days only. What did you learn from this?

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So, your travel plans should match these time frames as per the issuing date of ILPs.

Bonus Tips – About Sikkim ILP

In the case of visiting Sikkim, an Indian citizen does not require an ILP, unless he/she is planning to visit Nathula and Gurudongmar Lake, or any other protected place by the government.

You can get these details by State Tourism officials in the state, as soon as you reach the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok!

Wrap up

This is all about inner line permit for NorthEast. I hope all this information was helpful in making a better North East travel plan. You can check my other posts on North East to improve the existing plan!

In case you need assistance on any related matter, feel free to leave a comment below. Do share this guide on your social profiles, as remember, sharing is caring!

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