To be frank, if this road trip started from Delhi or even from Jammu, we wouldn’t have been this thrilled.

Kashmir has added a completely different bloodstream in our veins and we have realised what exactly we’re doing.

Our Kashmir to Kanyakumari road trip is completed. It took 6,000KMs to cover this distance, conducting 15+ workshops in colleges and various en route in villages and towns.

All India Digital Skill Mission

This road trip I’m talking about is named All India Digital Skill Mission, aiming to promote Digital India, Skill India, Digital Marketing, and Internet based Career options.

Flag Off AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Srinagar

Let’s talk about our journey which is what you’ll be reading at HighwayMonks throughout this road trip.

Delhi to Lakhanpur, Jammu

Considering the unexpected journey we’re taking towards Kashmir, we initially planned to start the engine on January 11. But, due to some personal reasons, we had to postpone it to January 12.

The spared day we had in Delhi was still memorable, thanks to all Bloggers and Digital Marketers. Everyone came to meet us and greet for the initiative we’ve taken for our country and community.

We couldn’t have done, even the planning without their efforts and support. Kudos!

It’s 12th Morning, and we started our journey towards Kashmir after taking blessings from Kapil’s parents. They even packed the Punjabi Mathri and Pinnis (Laddoo).

Those Pinnis and Mathris helped us on the next two days, as Kashmir was almost closed, and we couldn’t find good restaurants or Dhabas.

Going out from Delhi was smooth, as we took the GT Karnal Road. We took our first Pit Stop on the outskirts of Delhi, doing a crazy live shoot from the top of our vehicle, Tempo Traveller.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Kashmir Valley Point

FYI, we are in love with this vehicle, as we can walk, move around inside, and even dance. Crazy, right?

Second Pit Stop was at Jalandhar where we had tea and fruits. Our first restaurant stop wasn’t good as the food wasn’t good. It was below average, but not that pricey either.

Pathankot was the third Pit Stop, where we all went out to record and snap the setting sun. It was a beautiful moment, considering the greenery of Punjab.

Initially, we aimed to reach Jammu which changed to Udhampur, as the traffic inside Jammu could have cost us a lot of time.

In real time, that changed to just Lakhanpur, which is the border town of J&K from Punjab. A hotel named Hallmark supported the mission by offering us a really comfortable stay and good food. However, they were out of Rajmas which we all were waiting to have.

After food and a discussion session to note down and consider about the next day, we all went to sleep.

Surprisingly, Jammu wasn’t that cold. Even, Jaipur to Delhi journey for Me and Yogesh sir was on the colder side than Lakhanpur.

Lakhanpur to Srinagar

Next morning, we took the road to Udhampur via Samba. Yogesh sir’s knowledge of the road and area came really handy here. We aimed for Srinagar which looked tough, considering it was the first day the highway was opened after heavy snowfall in past days.

The first Pit Stop was at a really small Dhaba, where we all had the breakfast. As usual, Sachin recorded the time-lapse of Sunrise and took a few candid pics of all of us.

Next Pit Stop was at Patnitop where we first saw the snow. It was a really good experience, and we went on counting and counting the snow filled peaks.

This Pit Stop was special, not just because of snow covered mountains, but also because of the really good Maggy. If you’re still new to this term, the Maggy in Mountain areas of J&K, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand is way better than what you can have at any other place.

Moving next, we couldn’t find any other good place to stop for food. So, we kept on moving and planned to stop at Anantnag. Unfortunately, the city was closed and there was no electricity. Surprisingly, we reached Srinagar while we were expecting Anantnag.

Srinagar was again same! Most of the town was closed. By God’s grace, Indian Army persons helped us, and we stayed with them.

This stay was really special, and we are never going to find such a support anywhere in India.

The weather app was showing -10°c, but they kept on telling us that it’s just 4°c. Just to keep us motivated and away from thinking anything about the weather!

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Kashmir Valley

But their tactic didn’t work as all of us were shivering, the moment we came out from our cozy vehicle.!

We don’t even remember when we had the food and slept. It was really that cold!

Srinagar to Udhampur

Next morning, we all woke up in Scotland of India. All four sides were covered with Snow filled peaks and the weather was chilly than night.

We try doing few exercises to bring our muscles in motion, but we couldn’t continue it for more than five minutes. However, the army persons were impressed to see our dedication.

After a really good and healthy breakfast, we took a leave from our comfortable and really special stay. We informed and educated every army person we met on the way.

Dal Lake Moment AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission

Next stop was Dal Lake where the official flag off moment was decided. By the grace of God, Universe, or whatever you believe in, it happened exactly was we expected.

The Dal Lake wasn’t completely frozen, but we could see the start! We were cornered by the beauty of Srinagar, and Sachin captured the Sunrise behind a peak.

Dal Lake Photograph All India Digital Skill Mission

We started our shoot for the flag off moment, and we all were really thrilled. All of us felt an emotion which wasn’t this strong!

Later at the Kashmir Valley point, we did another shoot, sharing our thoughts about the flag off moment and why exactly we came here to start this. We could have just started it from Delhi!

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Temperature Fun

We completed the day at Udhampur at a really good hotel, named Samrat. The food and stay was really the best, compared to all other hotels we manually checked.

It was a tough night for us, as we lost all our energy. However, it was a really unforgettable experience which we all had!

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Traffic Jam on National Highway Srinagar

HighwayMonks being the travel partner of All India Digital Skill Mission, a lot of exclusive stories will be published here, which we couldn’t publish on our social profiles.

You can follow our social profiles to get live updates.

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AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Udhampur

Stay tuned for more as it’s just the first entry!

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