Call it our stubbornness or dedication to start what we promised and exactly how we promised, we flagged off our All India Digital Skill Mission from Dal Lake, Srinagar, J&K.

It was -10 degree Celsius when we reached there. Technically, the water in our bottles was freezing and emotionally, we all were at the freezing point.

We felt an energy of complete different level which is still driving us and everyone who meet us. Today, when I’m writing the second blog entry, we’ve travelled to a place where the temperature is hitting the +30 degree Celsius.

from -10 to 30 degree celcius

As per my experience, we all are going to feel weird rash marks at skin level. And, this all happened within a time span of 12 days.

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If I cover the distance travelled from Delhi to Dal Lake first, now sitting at a village in Gujarat, Vishnagar, we’ve covered about 3,000KMs.

Enough talking about distance and temperature. Let me start with the travelogue now!

Udhampur to Amritsar

Our day started from Udhampur towards Amritsar. The team of Crazy 6 was joined by a new member, Vinay Mehra who is currently taking care of everything related to videos.

Due to the weather condition, all schools and colleges were closed in J&K, making our workshop in Amritsar, our first one.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Amritsar

Everyone being overloaded with the work and responsibilities, we couldn’t visit Gold Temple, which was tempting as always.

Amritsar to Jalandhar

Our next stay was at Jalandhar, to conduct the second workshop. The city received us with a warm welcome, and thanks to everyone’s efforts there, we stayed for two nights, conducting two workshops.

One in an engineering college, DAVIET, and another in a women college, HMV Jalandhar!

Jalandhar to Chandigarh

The distance between these two cities is about 130KMs and the journey was comfortable. Our stay was arranged at Kapil Anand’s relative home, making us feel like home.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Street Food

We even cooked our food and completed our finished work. Next day, thanks to the efforts of Srishti Milicent, we conducted a workshop in the Punjab University campus.

Chandigarh to Karna Lake

Next morning was the day to travel towards Haryana and the workshop was arranged at Karna Lake by Navn Gupta. The Lake is total beauty, making it a perfect spot to visit this coming weekend (for Delhites).

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Haryana Fog Tour

This was the first time we met fog, but the past experience of traveling in fog came into the play.

Karna Lake to Greater Noida to Gurgaon

The distance we covered between Karna Lake to Delhi first (Kapil Anand home) and then towards Greater Noida was comfortable. We were tired, and needed a day off from everything.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Karna Lake Haryana

Next day, we all slept continuously, doing nothing. Due to some technical issues in vehicle, we couldn’t go to Dehradun, making it the second city to cut off from our schedule after Shimla.

After finishing our workshop at United College in Greater Noida, we travelled to Gurgaon.

Greater Noida to Jaipur

After getting immense support from College workshop we tried our best to keep our emotions on the lower side, as we’ve to travel 300KMs in night.

For the first time, we were travelling in night. I’ve done this highway, Jaipur to Delhi, hundreds of times, so I was aware about everything that will be part of this night road trip.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Delhi to Jaipur Night Tour

As expected, everything went smooth and we reached our home at 2am in the midnight. Our families were waiting eagerly even at that odd hour.

Everyone in the team enjoyed this night trip with some music, then food, then taking nap and making weird snoring noise.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Jaipur Stay JKK

Next morning, we started our preparation for the next day event at MNIT, Jaipur. As usual, I posted some empty plate photos after finishing the food.

MNIT event was special to me and Yogesh Mankani, as we both are local here. Everything went smoothly as we expected.

Jaipur to Vishnagar, Gujarat

We planned to stop at Udaipur, next from Jaipur, but surprisingly, we got an invitation from Mahesh Kumar, better known as Google Man.

Vadnagar is where he stays which is in Gujarat, and we put up our stay at Vishnagar which is a nearby town.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Gujarat, Vishnagar

The place looked small, but it has all the facilities including good hotel, restaurant (Metal Hotel) which served really tasty and authentic Gujarati food.

The response we’re getting from countrymen, colleges, schools, and people from our fraternity is immense and none of us expected this at such a huge level.

As a team member of All India Digital Skill Mission, I know what we all feel. We all feel the same energy which is increasing day by day, and it is driving us distances.

Thanks to our vehicle, Tempo Traveller, we’re not feeling that level of tiredness which was earlier expected.

Coming back to our temperature talks, we’re hearing that the temperature in South region of our country is already hitting the 40 mark.

AllIndiaDigitalSkillMission Finished Food Photography


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