After crossing Himalayas, Plains, and Desert, we were all set to meet the Western Ghats. But, before that, we had the Gujarat to cross.

Last entry I published was till Vadnagar, Gujarat, where we met Mahesh Kumar. He is a professional blogger known as Google Man in the community.

After meeting him and listening to the story, we all were motivated for the journey ahead. For the first time, every one of us was feeling the worth of journey we are part of.

all india digital skill mission beach pic

Like Mahesh Kumar, there are hundreds of people doing good in Blogging industry and through All India Digital Skill Mission platform, rest of the country is knowing them.

Let’s focus on travel deeds now. 

Update – We’ve reached half way down, and you can read the experiences in the detailed Kashmir to Kanyakumari Road Trip post.

Vadnagar to Ahmedabad, Gujarat

After this surprise travel to Vadnagar and getting the inspiration, we came back to our primary schedule, i.e., travelling to Ahmedabad.

We had some time to go out and see the nightlife of the city, which is full of food. Thanks to the local friends Nirav, Karan, and Kunal, we tasted different food items, available in the late hours in different areas of the city.

We also went to the river front area. A moving water can always help you forget about the tiredness which comes after a long journey. And, that’s exactly what happened!

Ahmedabad to Anand, Gujarat

Thanks to Ricky Shah and, a workshop was arranged at ADIT College, Anand. The workshop was attended by a hundred students, and the admin of college was really happy after the completion.

Anand is a city en route to Vadodara from Ahmedabad.

Anand to Vadodara, Gujarat

Our next stop was Vadodara, a.k.a. Baroda, where local bloggers and our friends were waiting eagerly. Thanks to Suresh Kumar G, we had a really good place to stay and luckily we found a South Indian restaurant, serving delicious recipes.

Before and after dinner, everyone was discussing Blogging and related terms. If we didn’t have the plan to go to Surat next morning, no one would have called the night.

Vadodara to Surat, Gujarat

After coming down from J&K, I was eagerly waiting for the Surat. The town is known for its food, and I’ve already covered most of the details in one of my previous posts.

Sarvesh Darak, a friend and a known blogger was waiting eagerly. We asked him to conduct a blogger meet, which was done, but he was interested in taking us on the food trail of Surat.


We even celebrated the marriage anniversary of one of our team member, Yogesh Mankani.

Surat to Mumbai, Maharashtra

Because of the fact that two different events were planned in Mumbai, and considering it’s a metro city, we didn’t stop at Surat that night. Instead, making a change in the schedule and travel to Mumbai.

Before we could reach Mumbai, we were welcomed by Sharoz and Sandeep, the duo blogger living and operating from the outskirts of Mumbai.

After delicious dinner and long discussions, we moved into Mumbai.

Everyone except Me, Kapil, and our driver were asleep. We were surprised to find no hotels for almost, 2 hours.

Then, we decided to go near Malad station, where we had three options to pick from.

All India Digital Skill Mission Gateway of India
Team AIDSM at Gateway of India

Other than the work, we enjoyed local food items of Mumbai and even went to Varsoa Beach.

AIDSM Mumbai Varsoa Beach

Based on my small experience, I think street food of Mumbai is better than the restaurant one.

Mumbai to Pune, Maharashtra

After conducting a blogger meet, and then a workshop at KES Shroff college, we started moving to our next stop, Pune.

Our Pune stay was arranged by Goutam, a good friend of Vinay. He left the Blogging field but was still eager to support our efforts towards the community.

Next day, we conducted a workshop at Sinhgad Institute of Technology & Science, arranged by a local blogger, Sumesh Dhar, and attended by fellow bloggers and about 200 college students.

After the workshop, we stopped at Joshi Vadawala and loved the spicy vada of the restaurant. Later, when we were looking for a proper diet, we were disappointed as most of the restaurants are closed during 3-6PM.

So, we decided to have juice, more vada, and travel to Satara.

Satara is a small town en route to Goa from Pune. We took this decision, proposed by Jay, to save time on our next morning travel. As the Western Ghats roads are slow in the morning hours.

We reached Satara, after crossing villages en route, at 1AM in the night. Me and Jay sir were the only awake during the journey and we saw a small shop, operating in late hours.

AIDSM Satara Food Stop

After getting everyone inside the hotel, we two came out and ate sweets served by that shop. Later we came to know that Satara is famous for its Pede and other sweets like Kalakand. All those sweets are made of pure milk and were really tasty.

Next morning, we all went to that shop, Me and Jay, again, and ate all the items they had, with a strong tee and spicy vada.

Pune to Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Before reaching Goa, we took a long break at Kolhapur. The city is known for its spicy food, and we all loved it. After passing Gujarat, most of us were looking for the spicy food (being a North Indian).

Fortunately, we got exactly what we were looking to fix our appetite.

All India Digital Skill Mission Kolhapur

Next, we started moving towards Goa. Due to the Elections, the state wasn’t crowded, which we were expecting earlier.

Kolhapur to Vagator, Goa

We reached Goa after sunset, and three persons in our team were visiting the place for the first time. They didn’t find Goa as per the expectations, as the beaches were not crowded.

After finding a hotel, we called the night off.

Next morning, we went to the Vagator beach and enjoyed a couple of water sports. We even wrote our mission name on the sand, just to leave our mark.

While returning back, I stopped at a shop run by a lady, expecting her to recognise me. Even her daughter recognised me, noticing short hairs but the same t-shirt. I met them during my All India Solo Bike Tour. That time, after hearing answers from me, the lady named me “Free Bird.”

Here’s the previous picture, featuring the family.


Here’s the happy picture, this time, featuring me in the frame.


Vagator to Madikeri, Karnataka

We started from Vagator at 4AM in the morning, as the journey to Madikeri was 525KMs long. As per my calculation, it should take, at least, 10 hours. In real, it took 14 hours, as last 50KMs highway was on Ghats.

After starting from Goa, we took first halt at Manvanthe Beach. Throughout the journey till Udupi, the sea was on the right side and we were blessed to see beautiful beaches in every 2-3 hours.

Everyone was so tired after the morning journey, but I made them wait for the Manvanthe beach. The beach was totally clean and there was no one other than us.

All India Digital Skill Mission Manvathe beach

After the beach bath session, we came out on the highway and ate local food. Everything was fresh and yummy. Everyone was waiting for this taste. The South Indian Rice and Sambhar!

One of our friends came to the place, Prasanna Meshta, joining the journey till Mangalore.

After Mangalore, we took a left turn, going away from the Sea, and inside the green Western Ghats.

Before we could miss the sea, we started enjoying the Ghats as they the temperature starts dropping. Earlier, the temperature was beyond 35 degree Celsius and unfortunately, our AC stopped working.

The reason why we entered inside the Ghats, is because we were invited to Madikeri, Coorg by one of our friend, Nishanth Nishu (INDdetour). After enjoying the Ghats ride, we reached the resort at 6:30PM.

All of us were tired and were hungry. We took a nap for a couple of hours, then called the night after Dinner. Oh wait, we also enjoyed a campfire!

Here are the best pictures of Muccole Estate Stay, Madekri, Karnataka.

Muccole Estate Stay Madekri Karnataka1 Muccole Estate Stay Madekri Karnataka2 Muccole Estate Stay Madekri Karnataka Muccole Estate Stay Madekri Karnataka4

At the time of writing this third travelogue, we all are taking another off day. Till Pune, we couldn’t afford a single Off Day, even if they were planned in the initial schedule.

Tomorrow, we will leave to Kochi from here, and from the day after tomorrow, we will be back to work. Two workshops are lined up in Kochi, which will also give us time to get our vehicle serviced.


#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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