At the time of writing this fourth entry to All India Digital Skill Mission travelogues, we’ve reached half way down, completing Kashmir to Kanyakumari road trip.

This journey was both fun and educational, as we’ve done more than 15 workshops, as we planned across the country. Right now, we’re in Vijaywada, resting at Sai Ramesh’s office, SaiMozTech.

The third entry I posted was having travelogues till Karnataka. Now, I’ll share what all went after Madikeri, Coorg (Karnataka).

Kashmir to Kanyakumari Road Trip AIDSM

Before starting that, I’ll share basic details (FAQs) about AIDSM, for people who are still not aware of our road trip.

What is All India Digital Skill Mission?

Three bloggers made a rough plan and announced that they will be doing a PAN India road trip, conducting bloggers meet and workshops in colleges and schools, promoting internet based careers.

Before we could start, four other members joined the team, and now we are travelling across India in Tempo Traveller, doing what we initially planned.

As we have planned it for complete India and it was related to digital education, we named it All India Digital Skill Mission (AIDSM).

Once a person is aware of the digital knowledge we are sharing, he/she can use it to get a particular skill in the same domain, which will help them to have a dedicated career.

Hence, we called it All India Digital Skill Mission.

What AIDSM Road Trip all about?

As explained above, this road trip is all about going between the youth and sharing best of our knowledge to help them make a career using the internet.

If we talk about our Digital Marketing workshops, this is the only workshop happening throughout India, where experts are coming to meet students and young bloggers.

Once students have an awareness about blogging, digital marketing and other internet based career options, then they can start exploring, learning, experimenting, and make it as a full-time career.

En route our journey, we have even conducted various small workshops, where we taught small shop owners, how to use the internet and how to join the digital revolution.

The third thing we have been doing is regular Bloggers Meetup in every city. We have met thousands of bloggers so far, and have conducted a free workshop, discussing how to start, and how to sort out a particular problem.

So, this is what AIDSM road trip all about!

All India Digital Skill Mission Travelogue

Let’s focus on the travel journal now. I’ve already shared travelogue up to Madikeri, Karnataka.

Madikeri to Tirur, Kerala

We started from Madikeri after breakfast, aiming for the Kochi. Based on my past experience of Kerala highways, I knew we won’t be able to reach by the end of the day.

Kerala highways are tough to the driver, as they are very narrow, and crowded with vehicles and people.

After driving throughout the day, the best we could reach was Tirur, leaving the remaining 130KMs to Kochi for the next day.

The town was almost closed when we reached, but we came to know that there is a beach nearby. Unfortunately, all of us were tired and decided to take proper rest.

Tirur to Kochi

Next morning, we started as early as possible and reached Kochi by 10 AM. Our workshop was lined up at 2 PM, which gave us enough time to get ready and have lunch.

In Kochi, we stayed for two nights. We did a blogger meet, and two college workshops. Due to them, we couldn’t find time for any other travel activities, except for enjoying the Kerala rice.

Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram

After Kochi, our next stop was Trivandrum, a.k.a., Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala.

All India Digital Skill Mission Trivendrum

We had a workshop lined up in KV School, and later stayed there for just one night.

Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Next evening, after wrapping up the workshop, we went to Zam Zam for lunch, and then started for Kanyakumari.

As you can expect, all of us were excited as Kashmir to Kanyakumari is a milestone everyone wants to achieve. And, we did it with a purpose of educating our countrymen.

Kanyakumari to Madurai

We stayed in Kanyakumari for two nights, celebrating our milestone and even Sai Ramesh’s marriage anniversary.

After taking proper rest and enjoying Sunset and Sunrise beaches in the southernmost corner of India, we felt really energetic. Just like we use to feel during our Kashmir days.

AIDSM Kanyakumari Sunrise Beach

On the second night in Kanyakumari, none of us could sleep. So, we decided to start to drive towards Madurai at 3 AM.

I’m not even sure whether to call it midnight or early morning. As expected, the drive was really good as the temperature wasn’t humid nor hot.

About Madurai – Madurai is a very old town, centuries old and has old culture, temple, and town. We went to the Meenakshi temple, and after spending three hours inside, we were able to explore only 30% of the complete interior.

Madurai Meekashi Temple

If I talk about the food, Madurai was really special and I instantly decided to come back and do a proper food trail here. Like I did Varanasi food trail. One place no one should miss is Murugan Idli shop.

Madurai to Puducherry

Madurai to Puducherry drive was special, as the road was really good. We didn’t even felt the need to make a pit stop.

Puducherry stop was really nice, as we had Rock Beach and a totally different civilisation to look at. The Puducherry UT has an influence of France which is clearly visible on the streets and even in the food options.

Puducherry to Mahabaleshwar, Tamil Nadu

After conducting a workshop in Puducherry, we started for Chennai. In between, we took a pit stop at Mahabaleshwar. Both the beach and centuries old temple attracted us.

Mahabaleshwar Temple HighwayMonks

The temple and the beach, both are special. The temple attracts only history freaks which were surprising for me. I was expecting a more local crowd as its an ancient Lord Shiva temple.

Mahabaleshwar to Chennai

Journey from Mahabaleshwar to Chennai was piece of cake, till outskirts of the metro city. Once we entered the Chennai, it was as bad as of any other metro city of our country. Yes, traffic!

All India Digital Skill Mission Chennai

We did a blogger meet and a college workshop in Chennai, but couldn’t explore the city more. The city environment was sensitive because of the ongoing political issues.

Chennai to Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Our next city on schedule was Tirupati, where a workshop was scheduled. After conducting the workshop, we went to the temple, which is about 20KMs up on the hills of Tirumala.

AIDSM Tirupati

The journey towards the Tirumala mountains was special, as it always is. We experienced the sunset up from the Tirumala forest. Later, we did the darshan and then had the special laddoo with dinner.

Tirupati to Bangalore, Karnataka

We started for Bangalore, next morning, reaching the city in the noon. As we were expecting, the traffic was at the peak. This was my first time in the city, and believe me, the traffic in Bangalore is, seriously, the worst.

What is All India Digital Skill Mission Bangalore

Considering the traffic, we booked a hotel near the college where the workshop and blogger meet were planned. Still, 4-5KMs of travel was taking 30-40 minutes of time.

The food we had in Bangalore was good which was a relief after experiencing the traffic.

Bangalore to Hyderabad, Telangana

After our Bangalore days, we started towards Hyderabad. To attend a workshop (National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit) conducted by Government of India and its Security related agencies, we had to start from Bangalore at 5 PM, just after the workshop.

AIDSM Hyderabad

We reached Hyderabad next morning, after driving throughout the night. We had a couple of hours to take a power nap and then get ready for the Summit.

Next day, we did a college workshop and a blogger meet. After that, we went to Paradise to taste the famous Hyderabad Biryani.

Hyderabad to Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

After having the dinner, we all thought of reaching Vijayawada on the same day. As it will give us two or three days rest. Also, we will have, at least, two or three days to get our vehicle serviced.

Vijayawada All India Digital Skill Mission

As expected, the night journey towards Vijayawada from Hyderabad was smooth.

This was all about All India Digital Skill Mission, our road trip, journey, and experiences, so far. We have been able to execute this road trip, as we planned, all because of the support received from Bloggers and Countrymen.

Till Next Time! Chao!


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