I couldn’t sleep much last night. I was awake till 12, then tried sleeping and then woke up at 3AM in the middle. – Summary of the last night!

Whenever I used to plan a ride in the morning, I couldn’t sleep in the night. No sleep, at all! So, I have been riding (both bike and car) without last night sleep for a couple of years and have become better and better at it. The same experience helped me get out from Chaos of Ahmedabad to Rajkot.

There was some festival in Ahmedabad, keeping the whole city awake. There were loudspeakers moving too and forth. I didn’t even have dinner last night as I wanted to stay out from all the noises. Don’t take me as a non-believer now!

Being awake at 3AM, I took a bath then started reading my favourite book, Into Thin Air. I had already read this book twice and watched the movie twice (Everest). Still, I love reading it.

At about 6AM, I went to the rooftop and saw the city getting ready for the celebration again. I knew, I had to leave as soon as possible. I was already tired a day before yesterday and no sleep last night made it worse.


I went out to have a tea and some breakfast then checked out. While crossing Ahmedabad, I waited at Gandhi Bridge to take some pictures.


While I was standing there, noticing the river, the development around it, two characters (they specifically told their name twice, but I couldn’t remember – I’ve trouble remembering names) entered, smiling all the way they can. They asked to take a picture and then asked for the print. I have to say, that was my first smile of the day. I was angry earlier!

I took another picture of him, explaining I can’t give him a print. Then I left the city through CG Road. The area seems like a shopping hub.

While on the highway to Rajkot, that anger came back in. It made me drive bike beyond 100KMPH. Before it can go beyond the 120 mark, I came back to senses, took a break, and took out my camera to take few pictures. (I hope you understand the reason).


Before entering the city, I stopped at a highway food stall, ate some Gujarati version of Mirchi Bada with a strong tea.

While in the city, passing the District Collector office, my sunglasses went down. I just removed them so that I can see better in the crowd. I realised it instantly, stopped, and looked back. A man picked them (he didn’t know it was mine) and went inside the government building.

I walked inside to take it back. I couldn’t let him go away with the sunglasses as they are very precious to me (not from the money point of view).

So far, Rajkot seems quite compared to Ahmedabad. Later in the evening, I’ll be meeting a very young blogger, Atman Shah. Considering his age, he as managed to make a name for himself (he was recently a speaker at Blog X event held in New Delhi). Considering the same factor, it will be tough for me to answer his queries.

Will keep you posted!

#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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