Name one thing which is better than rain. Go ahead, try!

Back in March 2016, when I decided to go for my All India Solo Bike Tour in the month of July, I forget to count the monsoon. Riding during monsoon for such a plan is practically a challenge.

For some reasons, I couldn’t start it in July. Based on last two years data, monsoon almost ends in the month of August. But this year, it’s still raining.

On the first day of my tour, I didn’t encounter rain on the highway but the weather always looked ready. I badly wanted it to rain but it didn’t! I reached Pushkar all dry!

This morning I had to reach Chittorgarh, but yesterday the city was flooded due to heavy rain in past couple of days. The situation was worse as per the media coverage and social updates from local people which made me (and all friends and followers) rethink about my plan. Ohh, a new challenge on the second day itself!

While collecting facts about Chittorgarh, I was updated that the last flood was back in 1992. Rajasthan is known as a desert and dry area which is now experiencing a flood situation and that too in the city I decided to move next. Whoa!

I started from Pushkar at 10AM, took the Bhilwara route to Chittorgarh. While I was 20KMs behind Bhilwara, I saw heavy rain ahead. The cloud was totally dark! I knew I was in for a treat today!

I went ahead in the rain and stopped at a tea stall. I had a tea there while watching the rain (and noticing dozens of people noticing me). The tea was special as the milk content was too good.

After posting a Facebook update, confirming my position, I started the ride again. This time, I was wearing a rain paint. I also had Poncho in my bag but went ahead without it. The experience was damn good. Just the thing I was looking yesterday. I first thought of stopping in Bhilwara till the rain gets slow, but then I decided to make it to Chittorgarh.

In short, approx 70KMs of rain ride. 😀

In filmy words, approx 70KMs of being Alia Bhatt of Highway movie! 😀

I noticed waterlogged farms and crossed two rivers which were running. There are two rivers in Chittorgarh, Gambhiri, and Bedach. Both were flowing above their normal mark and was almost touching the flyovers. Luckily, the water level was below the road height.


I traveled approx 212KMs today and as I was too busy enjoying the rain, I didn’t keep track of time.

As scheduled, I met Manish Lamrod (a known Blogger from Chittorgarh) and we went to a food joint. Other than the famous Chittorgarh Fort, Manish took me to almost every street in the town. The food joint was at outer but we had delicious Daal Baati (again, but it was recommended by Manish). Have a look at the pictures of the restaurant.

chittorgarh-daal-baati-hotel-rr-1024x768 chittorgarh-daal-baati-hotel-rr1-1024x768 chittorgarh-daal-baati-hotel-rr2-1024x768

As this day ends, I have a lot of other works now! I have to complete my writing assignments and also find a way to dry my shoes, at least! Tomorrow leave for Udaipur tomorrow! 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll leave for Udaipur. 🙂

Update – Manish took me to Chittorgarh Fort in the morning. It was raining and the weather was awesome. He told a lot of historical facts from past. Check out the pictures to see how beautiful Chittorgarh and its Fort is. Don’t miss my Samosa pic which I had for breakfast. Thanks a lot Manish for the stay and endless chatter we had about our culture, history, and of course, blogging.

chittorgarh-fort-1024x683 chittorgarh-fort-1-1024x683 chittorgarh-fort-meera-temple-1024x683 chittorgarh-samosa-1024x683 manish-lamroad-chittorgarh-1024x683 manish-lamroad-rajdoot-bike-1024x683 pawan-avenger-at-chittorgarh-fort1-1024x683

#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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