“Surat Nu Jaman Ane Kashi Nu Maran” – One should be born in Surat because of the Food and should die in Kashi. A local saying!

Gujarat is already known for the variety of food but, Surat holds the crown. The variety of Gujarati food I had here is unforgettable and this local saying is 200% true!

All thanks to Sarvesh Darak, a friend and a known Blogger in Surat who ensure that I taste every food for which Surat is known for.


I have already updated you about my encounters and experiences in previous cities. This entry is specifically for Surat and Sarvesh. We saw three Baansuriwalas in the city which is rare these days.

As my budget for traveling was over, I had to stay in Surat for long. In four days, I not only worked but also explored almost every corner of the city. Most importantly, we two now have memories at every known and even not-so-known food joint of Surat.

The first thing I had here was Gujarati Thali at Purohit Thali restaurant, located right at the Railway Station of Surat. The food was, no doubt, tasty and is highly recommended.

Surat city
Surat city – Purohit Thali

Then we had a couple of tea (again, super recommended) and chattered for the whole night. Early morning, at 4AM, we went to Dumas, to meet the sea. Dumas is also known for some haunted stories and a haunted villa.

The Best Tea Stall at Railway Station of Surat
The Best Tea Stall at Railway Station of Surat

Next day, I had Locho (Surat’s unique version of Khaman), a very different looking and tasty Samosas, and Chinese Paav.


Aaloo Puri, Khaosa, Chocolate Shake, Locho at Rassa Wala, Sandwich at Bismillah, and Pani Puri with seven different flavors of Pani are all done.

Sosyo is a local beverage in Surat which tasted like a cough syrup to me. It is officially the replacement of beer but, of course, non-alcoholic.


With all these food, we had endless conversations, not just about blogging but our journey so far.

Other than food, Surat is also known for its fly-overs. There is a fly-over for every road, which offers a rapid transit option instead of getting stuck in the traffic and city crowd underneath. Even the Railway Station of Surat is located at least, 10ft. above the ground, making it the only railway station in India to be situated on the first floor.

the Railway Station of Surat
the Railway Station of Surat

These four days were completely off-track. We rarely checked our phones. I didn’t even carry my camera. Sarvesh being foodie knows every corner of the city, especially the food joints. These few pictures were captured using Sarvesh’s Huawei Nexus 6P.

In short, I now have an understanding about that proverb in the title.

Surat Nu Jaman Ane Kashi Nu Maran

As I said, we didn’t capture everything as we both were busy chattering all the time. So, here is a Facebook page you can check to know how tasty Surat’s food is.

So for every foodie in my network, Surat is highly recommended. You can easily find affordable and decent accommodation near Railway Station area and can have all these tasty foods.

And yes, Patel’s Thali in Junagarh is the best of all. The taste was authentic and yummy. It holds the number one spot of all the joints I’ve tried during my journey.

These four days have healed me completely. I feel fresh again. The pain in my hand is gone. My head feels perfect for the long ride ahead.

Here is a picture which I think is the best I’ve captured so far. We met this old timer while returning back to Surat from Dumas.

WoW Tree
WoW Tree

And, these two pictures are of Dumas. Yes, early morning shot. You can even sea the full-moon!

Dumas - haunted beach
Dumas – haunted beach

Dumas - haunted beach1

I’ll resume my tour tomorrow, and will be off to Mumbai early morning!

Thank You Surat. Thank You Sarvesh! 🙂

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