If Gujarat is your home state then please let me know the best time to visit the cities!

By ‘best’ time, I mean, no festival time! I love festivals, and like to enjoy, but, I don’t like loud noises being played around that much. I live in a peaceful environment, so, I’m not comfortable with the loudness that much.

The time I checked in at Ahmedabad, the day four of my tour, a festival named Chaturmaas is in progress while people are preparing for Paryushan. To find a decent hotel, I had to drive a lot in the city. Later, I checked the Map and found that I’ve already covered almost half of the city.

I wanted to stay in Udaipur on day 4 but then decided to make it to Ahmedabad as Rajasthan is receiving heavy rainfall. And, soon after I left, it started raining in Udaipur! My first 100KMs were again in the rain. 😀

The highway which connects these two cities, and states are mostly good and I can understand the few damages done due to rainfall. We’re accustomed to these rainfall damages every year. Besides, my concentration was more on the greenery through which this highway passes.

It has mountains. I guess, the last set of Araravalli range? Due to the rainfall, it is all covered with greenery at this time. In short, it was close to heaven.

With my bike making its own sound, cool wind trying to put some words in my ears, and my eyes continuously trying to capture everything possible, I completed this journey. This is heaven! Curated and crafted by the master himself! You won’t find it in closed doors. Go out!

Early morning in Udaipur, I went for a city ride. My bike needed some oiling and petrol to feel her appetite and I wanted a breakfast. I had Alloo Pyaz Parantha with fresh Dahi and Daal. It was yummy and affordable!

Then I went to Bagore ki Haveli, which is near to the Moustache Hostel I was staying in. I stood there at the shore, trying to capture the beauty of this place. The scenery had a lot from the history and local music was being played by an artist.


I noticed school girls enjoying their time by putting their feet in the water, youngsters taking selfies and proving their arrival at the place, foreigners listening to the local music and taking pictures.

Suddenly, a water wave came and started making noise. You must have heard how water makes noise at the shore. Try remembering that with all these in the picture!

I left for Ahmedabad at 1PM and then checked-in at a hotel near Civil Hospital at about 6PM. The ride took so long than I expected as I wasn’t couldn’t ride at my usual speed. How can I? I had the forests to see and it was my first time in Gujarat rural.

With all this in the picture, another day ended! I’ve started feeling tired. Still, I couldn’t sleep much.

Today, I’ll leave for Rajkot (or might not) after seeing a couple of things in Ahmedabad.


I took these two images (you see in the post) at about 3AM in the morning. I took 0 pictures on day 4.


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