Traveling is the new guitar among Indian bloggers. Is the trend outside too?

I jumped into traveling as a profession last year and being a blogger, I have experienced, both sides of the coin.

Yes, pros and cons of being a blogger in terms of traveling in India!

Before we begin with the positive and negative points, here is a cute cat face (if this post offends you) followed by a personal note from my side.

Cute Cat Face for Offenders

The Incredible India advertisements we all grow up watching, is real! India is, indeed an incredible country as we have everything (almost) here. The diversity it offers for a traveller is unmatched by any other country.

I’m also aware of the fact that it’s not a perfect country to travel (which one is?), but, it will become once we start working or, at least, focusing in that direction.

So, your boasted plans of visiting two countries in a day, is not that impressive!

In my opinion, even a small city can’t be traveled completely in a single day. And, clearing off things to do from the list is not actually traveling. Here is how you can be a traveller instead of a tourist.

Pros of Being a Blogger while Traveling in India

Let’s start with the list now!

# We can sit for long hours

It doesn’t matter how are you traveling, you still have to sit for long hours.

Take a flight, or a train, or pick your own vehicle (a bike or a car or even a bicycle), sitting for long hours is not an issue for a blogger.

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We all have spent countless days and nights, sitting at the desk, politely rejecting or accepting work orders.

# We have a network across the country

In my opinion, this is the best part of being a blogger. Whether we know a Facebook friend, personally or not, we have people from the same profession across the country.

All those friends come really handy when we visit their cities or towns. In case they can’t meet, they can always be a local guide.

We have a network across the country
Number of Mutual Friend Me and Pradeep (Chennai) have

Go through this post till the end and you’ll know the importance of having a local guide in a country like India where culture, water, and food changes after every 100-200KMs.

Reality Check – After continuously traveling for more than a year in different parts of India, I have come across a major drawback. The availability of the internet is still not that good (from work’s point of view). Wi-Fi in hotels are not that fast and stable either! So, consider those “Laptop Lifestyle” posts as a Hype only!

# What about Work from Anywhere?

Of course, we all have heard this term, #LaptopLifestyle.

As a blogger, we can work from any place where internet and laptop are available.

We have freedom from a 9 to 5 traditional job, of course. But, it comes as a Pros and Cons, both.

Check the last point to know the other side of the coin!

Now, let’s talk about the Cons!

Can you think of any? I have three to share!

#1 Not everything is available Online

Unless you’re traveling from a metro city to another, there are still many things which are not available online.

As a blogger, we all know the reality behind those “genuine” reviews. So, at least, don’t fall in the trap, just by believing what you find or read online.

If you frequently travel between Delhi to Ajmer (I do), then you’re aware of the fact that there are no good restaurant or dhabas available.

Not everything is available Online - Aulakh Dhaba
Aulakh Dhaba – Jaipur Ajmer Best Road Food

Those big hoardings (चूक ना जाना, HighwayKing का खाना) you see, are still not a good pick!

Thanks to a recommendation by one blogger, Kuldeep Singh, I came to know about Aulakh Dhaba (en route near Bhankarota), which wasn’t available online. Over there, I had the best food on this route which was affordable too!

#2 Relying too much on the Internet

We have a habit of relying on the internet, but not everything we get there is correct!

There have been many instances when Google Maps has taken me to places where there were no roads, there were no people or resources available.

One of my FB post on the same!

I have seen the Navigation Bot jumping roads as it lacked the data of connected roads (that too in a city like Mumbai).

Above all, the transit hacks Google Maps provide are not always correct. Sometimes, a busy route is still what you should go for.

Google Maps Reality in India
We have crossed Farms and a River – Thanks to Google Maps

One of the Examples: In Chennai, an alternate route Maps recommended was 10KMs longer than the busier one.

The same case is applied while searching for hotels or restaurants. A local information you can gather by having a conversation with a local person is still what I prefer.

Love watching memes? Here is one we shared on When you trust Google Maps in India.

Tip – We can first look for recommendations online and then confirm them locally before making a blind call.

#3 Blogging is still a full-time job

Sometimes, it gets worst than a job!

As a freelancer, I always have gigs pending, although, it helps me traveling slow, which is important in the case of long-term travel plans.

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In the case of having an authority blog, it’s almost impossible to have a single day of leave (unless you have a dedicated team).

What do you think about traveling in India now? Anything I missed?

#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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