“I quit the job and started travelling!”

“I am a solo traveller!”

“Is it possible to make money while travelling?”

If we talk about three most popular terms in the travel blogging travelling industry, these will be my top picks!

Are they real? What’s the back story behind these?

Let’s be honest, these three (and other related terms) are really catchy and they are attracting a lot of millennial into the industry.

Breaking Travel Myths

In last one year, I’ve tried solo, group, with money, without money, and budget travel mediums. Being a person who is looking for offline-online conversations with locals and fellow travellers, I’ve gathered knowledge which is not just mine!

Here, I’m sharing the best conclusion from all my personal experiences to break travel myths. If I miss any, feel free to mention down in the comment section and we will talk about it!

Question – Is it possible to make money while travelling?

making money while traveling

Answer – Yes, it is possible and it’s not a hypothetical term. But, there are a lot of factors involved and to generate income via travelling, you need to have a particular set of skills.

Question – How to make money while traveling?

Answer – As I mentioned in the previous question, one requires a specific set of skills to make money via travelling. You need to have basic writing skills in order to pen down the experiences. Writing itself is a challenge as it’s an art which requires years to nourish.

You need to be aware of latest technology advancement in the smartphone, camera, and internet domains. Like, you need to know how to take better pictures, if not of professional standard. You need to be aware of modern apps, and internet updates, as these two can help in digging out a particular data and to save time and money.

In order to pen down the experiences, you need to use a Laptop or a Desktop, and related software. You can learn these skills under any basic computer skills program which gets better with time and practice.

Question – Do you need to learn website development for travel blogging?

Do you need to learn website development for travel blogging

Answer – Once you’re ready with a story and have become a good explorer using the modern smartphone apps and related tools, setting up a website is the next task!

I have years of experience with WordPress, not the development part but, how to use it to get things done. The same experience is with Nishant, partner-in-crime. So, we have opted to use self-hosted WordPress option.

You can also go for WordPress hosted website options too. ASoulWindow and BuoyantFeet are my two favorite travel blogs, using the same WordPress option. The benefit here is that you need not worry about coding or technical aspects, and focus on content.

In our case, at HighwayMonks, we have to take care of hosting, files and folders, plugins, theme settings, and other configurations, other than content creation.

In short, if you’re new to the WordPress and not good with technical terms, go with the WordPress hosted solution. To gain more control, self-hosted WordPress is always a better choice.

Question – Is travel blogging easy?

Is travel blogging easy

Answer – Definitely not! You need to focus on content creation for the blog and social media profiles.

You need to manage all these different profiles at the same time. Also, you need to make travel plans, execute them, and find time for all these work, regularly!

Question How is Solo Traveling better than group one?

Shanti Stupa in leh Solo traveling is better than Group

Answer – Whether the solo traveling is better or not, depends on the person and situation. I love both, solo and group, and sometimes, I hate both!

In order to capture more in less time, probably because I’m having this professional travel blogger as a career, I prefer traveling solo. Me and Nishant when traveling alone, have more time to collect more local information and explore new roads.

We also travel together and with other people which don’t hate all the time but, with some people, the experiences have been terrible!

Unless you’ve a job to worry about (travel blogging is just like a job), and have a better partner, go out together. In case you want to have a peaceful time with yourself, probably to know what’s wrong with you (is it?), prefer solo travelling.

Roshni Majumder from our team have never done a solo trip in India. She prefers going with friends as that’s what she prefers.

Question – Which one is more challenging? Solo travelling or Group one?

Which one is more challenging Solo travelling or Group one

Answer – We all have travelled in groups, with friends and family members. And, so do I!

I have also travelled solo for more than 50 continuous days around India and one week in North East.

During the group travel, there are certain moments when I just want to escape the hustle and have a peaceful time. Like no one to talk with!

There have been moments I started hating the group travel as I have to carry a lot of luggage. Family trip things, uff!

On the other hand, when I was traveling solo in North East, there were some moments when I was looking for a friend who can carry my bag as I was too tired!

Still, I would say, solo traveling is more challenging as you have to entertain yourself, put things in self-discipline, sing alone, walk alone, and talk to strangers when feeling an urge to talk to someone and share anything.

Question – Can anyone become a travel blogger and make a living?

Can anyone become a travel blogger and make a living

Answer – To be very honest, Me and Nishant have been funding our trips using our other works (Blogging in other niches). So, being a professional travel blogger doesn’t guarantee a financially good career!

It takes months of regular travel, aiming to explore new roads and create more content on the blog. It takes years of practice and experience to find out how to write for an internet user (the style is actually different than writing a book), and how to find a way to make money from the content.

Unless you have an experience of, at least, half of these things and a regular source of income behind, it’s not a wise decision to totally rely on this new career!

Question – Online experts or local person? Whom to trust?

Online experts or local person Whom to trust

Answer – Whenever I used to share the idea of traveling to all the states of North East, I always used to hear bad-negative stories about the region. These were all normal travelers and self-acclaimed experts!

Last month when I visited the region, I had a totally different experience. I was so angry at those people that I penned down a dedicated post, titled, whatever you have heard about North East is trueYou can read it in free time to get an idea of how different my experience was than mentioned by experts.

The problem in such a case is that everyone is looking to become an expert in every field. It’s a common problem with the millennial and this is one of the reasons why Quora is no longer a trustable platform for the information.

It’s tough to moderate information on the internet and thus, it’s difficult for a person to find out if the information is genuine or not. Even if it is genuine, the information might change with the time!

So, unless you know and trust someone online with his/her travel knowledge and experience, it’s better to rely on the information gathered locally.

Question – Can travel blogging help me travel the world for free?

Can travel blogging help me travel the world for free

Answer – Yes, definitely! If you care a lot about this work and love doing all related things I’ve mentioned so far, a day will come when you can travel, at least, one country for free! Or even more.

There are many brands and organisations who are continuously looking for professional people with a set of skills only a travel blogger can have. It happens once your blog start receiving regular audience, have popular social profiles and your voice is always heard in the community.

Bottom line, your profile is considered as an Authority in the travel niche.

But, it’s not an easy thing to do, as you’ve to continuously invest time, money and efforts to shape it like a professional career.

Question – Do I have to be a professional photographer?

professional Photographer for travel blogging

Answer – Neither one of us, me and Nishant, are good at photography. We have just basic knowledge of how to take decent pictures which are good to go on social profiles and blog.

As we have other skills, photography isn’t putting a major dent in our work so far. But, we have started taking things seriously and are trying to learn one more thing!

Breaking Travel Myths for Bloggers

For a travel blogger, you need to have basic photography skills. In case you’re a professional, it’s an added benefit for sure! But, it’s no necessary if you can share experiences by words.

Wrap up

This is part 1 of the breaking travel blogging myths post. As I’ve missed a lot of questions, you can mention below in the comment section which I’ll definitely answer in the next post.

#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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