Shimla is a well-known place and the capital of Himachal Pradesh. I have done many solo trips before, but this was my first Solo Trip on Bike.

I had no prior idea and experience of solo bike rides for long distances. In fact, half of my journey was in the hilly area, which is totally different from straight roads. My Friend Pawan Kumar was on All India Solo Bike Tour and we had done a couple of bike trips to Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Lansdowne. Yes, from Delhi!

I was so curious to take my first solo trip and without thinking a minute I decided that I am going to Shimla alone. No pillion or a friend. It was a moment when things just happen and we never plan them.

At the end, those unplanned things can give you unforgettable experiences which you can cherish in your life.

My unplanned Solo Bike Trip to Shimla Is now a Trip I’ll Remember, Forever!

I started my Journey from home in East Delhi at 4:30 AM, and the first aim was Murthal. Murthal is 75 KM from Delhi and we all know what its famous for. Paranthe with desi butter!

I took the GT Karnal Road and with that my first solo bike tour, started. I was singing songs of Kishore Kumar while riding the bike, I’m a terrible singer, but I was enjoying the moment.

I reached Murthal at around 5:45 AM and the first thing I asked is Tea. I love tea and Amrik Sukhdev’s tea is the second popular thing after the famous Paranthas.

I ordered Gobi Parantha, but it wasn’t available. So, I finished my tea and then with a refreshed mind moved ahead to hit the roads.

After Murthal, the sun was going up and the sunrise moment was totally enjoyable while riding.

It was rising behind those endless fields and was as Beautiful as a Painting.

After continuously riding for an hour, the appetite kicked in and I had to stop at a Dhaba. Not a famous one, though. Finally, I had my favorite, Paranthas 😛 with Tea.

Now, I was heading to my next stop Chandigarh. I’m a Blogger and have friends all over the country. So before entering in Chandigarh I shared my location on Facebook and asked if anyone was available to meet. Pulkit Kochar replied and we were ready for some filmy conversation. FYI, I own FilmyKeeday!

Chandigarh is a clean, beautiful and well-managed city. No illegal construction, no illegal parking, etc., and not too crowded like Delhi or Mumbai. In fact, every modern facilities are easily available. You can call it “A Dream City to Live”.

We (me and Pulkit) started our nonstop conversation about Films and Social Media while enjoying the scenics of Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. We discussed Salman Khan, Bollywood and latest trends in social media and entertainment while drinking overpriced Nariyal Pani. 😛

After this meet, I had to move and he was getting late for his job. I dropped him near the bus stand and I was on my way to Shimla.

I took the Highway to Shimla and reached there on time. It was around 12’O clock and the atmosphere was very humid that time. After reaching Pawranoo the weather became pleasant. So, I decide to rest for a while.

I stopped at a tea point and enjoyed the tea with a beautiful view of hills.


Parwanoo was just a small stop and I started riding again (to reach Shimla). I skipped the planned halt at Solan which is a crowded place, full of people and traffic. In 20 minutes, I crossed Solan and I stopped at a small food point.


It was around 3’O clock and I was hungry. I had Rajma Chawal with a beautiful view of the mountains.


I was eating slowly to enjoy the scenery.

There this quote about Rajma Chawal,

I can’t make everyone happy, I’m not Rajma Chawal.

After filling up my tank, I moved from the place towards Shimla which was now just 40 KMs away. Just 10 KMs before Shimla I saw a hulk line of cars, buses, and trucks and it was a long traffic Jam in offseason. Shimla is very crowded and even in the off-season, you will find a lot of tourists.

I decided to stay in a small lodge which doesn’t even have a name. I got a room in just 500INR (per night) which features this Wonderful View!

View from my Room near Shimla!



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