India is a huge country, in fact, it’s the 7th largest country in the world in terms of size. All India Solo Bike Trip was just an Idea and I was planning to travel most of my country. Finally, on August 09, 2017 it started.

I Started from my home city Delhi from West side and planned to head South, then moving towards Eastern side of India.

Digital Yatra Entry 1: Delhi to Pushkar

The trip began from India gate on Aug 9, 2017. Month of August is considered as an extreme monsoon month and my first day ride from Delhi to Jaipur was full of rain.

All India Solo Bike Tour Nishant

I was heading to Jaipur and I had all the basic things to survive for 2 months. After crossing rewari, I had my first pitstop at a small Dhaba for breakfast.

There I met some people from Maharashtra, they were driving to Mumbai by road. After seeing Digital Yatra (name of my road trip) board on my bike and my branded t-shirt, they asked about it.

I shared how I am traveling across India on my motorcycle to promote internet based career and regional content.

They were curious and I told them more about YouTube, Domains and Blogging. I gave them my email-id and Facebook details so they can discuss anything related, anytime they want to learn more.

After having a small conversation at brunch, I was ready to finish day 1 of my journey. After few hours of riding on National Highway 8, I was drenched in rain but I reached Jaipur.

Digital Yatra Delhi to Jaipur

Now I had to find my relatives house on my Aermoo Model M1 smartphone. I am using a waterproof phone on my trip so rain was not a problem for the cool phone. I reached there safely.

Next Day, I had cold and fever as I was riding in the rain without raincoat. But I was ready to go further, without waiting and I started my ride to Udaipur. I was still not feeling well, so I decided to make a stop in either Ajmer or Pushkar which comes on the way to Udaipur.

I was not feeling good and fever was getting high, so I took a break and had kullhad tea.

Tea can give you required boost when you are suffering from fever and cold.

After finishing my tea I stopped at pushkar at a Home Stay. The town is about 150 KMs from Jaipur. I consulted the local clinic for medication and doctor told me to sleep for at least 10 hrs. I did the same and I was feeling better next day.

Digital Yatra Entry 1 Delhi to Pushkar

A day for Pushkar was not enough. Next day I was ready to reach Udaipur but I forgot to collect my ID proof from the hotel and I had to come back after riding 50+ KMs ahead.

I had no other options than to stay another day in Pushkar. Fortunately, it was a good idea!

Jaipur to Pushkar Digital Yatra

Resting 1 more day boosted me up and I was back to a good health.

This is the first pen down of my Digital Yatra. To follow live updates, kindly follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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