Based on the two PAN India level tours I was able to pull up in last seven months, you might find it hard to believe, what I am going to share next.

I am not an intelligent person!

As per my academic data, I’m an average student and even to get those average marks, I had to study a lot!

My 11th standard final score was 36.6% (yearly aggregate), but then I manage to score 68% in the 12th.

I decided to give up on my B.Tech degree course during the first year itself. The decision came after realising the destiny of thousands of engineering students I was studying with.

Technically, the existence of “Job Satisfaction” is/was (and, will) rare!

Millions of engineering students are passing every year with a degree, along with a bunch of certificates. After that, they are either fighting for a job, or for the job’s security.

As I’ve seen both sides of the coin, I know the importance of both. I never said the kind of life, I ended up having is superior to the one any of my friends having (the 9to5 jobs).

In fact, their job is more secure and if they want to do it, then I don’t see any harm in it.

There are many reasons behind my deeds which are now in the public domain. I’m not just driven by personal reasons. There are many other factors which drives me and makes me who I am today.

After traveling 31,000KMs across India, meeting thousands of young minds, I can say that, regardless of the job you’re doing, or even if you’re having a source to earn millions, You Are Missing One Thing.

The REASON why you were born!

As far as I remember, during my school and college days, when teachers used to ask everyone, “What you want to become in future?”

I had no clue about it!

I still don’t have any concrete answer to that!

I am a dead person from inside. I always was. It means that there are very few things which actually move me.

Every day, I end up having useless conversations with myself which have no ground. Go ahead and call me, Lost Soul. Maybe I belong to this term. Or maybe, I don’t!

I actually don’t know!

Let me open up a bit more and share a story with you. A story most of my Facebook friends want to listen.

50 Days Bike Tour without any Gear!

August 8, 2016, I left my home with 2600 INR in pocket. Started my tour from India Gate, traveling towards the South.

I had no smartphone, no GPS, no Map, not even a route plan. All I knew is that I had to go towards South!

I was out there in Monsoon for which not a single person recommended. Parents were worried but, somehow they knew the importance of this trip for me.

I was out there without any biking gear!


Because I was aware of the fact that if anything happens to me on road, if I do one mistake, I’ll be having a major accident. I was aware of the fact that I had to drive in the Monsoon.

The reason why I went out without a gear is because I wanted to have the Fear of Death.

I wanted to face it!

I don’t know why but, I believed that having a gear is going to make me feel overconfident. And, the purpose this road trip will be lost!

In a recent conversation with Jay Paudyal, and earlier with Arun Prabhudesai, I shared the real reason behind my choice.

I wanted to go home, either without a scratch or not at all!

This is the reason why no one have ever heard from me that my bike tour was a brave attempt or an intelligent move. I know, from core of my heart, that it was a stupid act. Nothing else!

I still don’t call myself a Biker, because I’m far away from what that term really means.

But, I needed it and I did it in such a way.


After spending 6-7 good years in Blogging, ditching the traditional degree course, I couldn’t find that satisfaction!

As I said, I used to be a dead person from inside, so, I was never after success or similar shiny things.

I was happy during all these years, not having any remorse of not completing my degree, or not able to become a millionaire using the knowledge I ended up having (digital marketing).

Still, there was something which was missing. That missing thing was so itching (from inside), that it was once able to tear me inside out!

One day in my Gurgaon apartment, I found myself trapped by the infamous term, Depression!

Due to some unknown reasons, I was depressed.

That phase brought so many good and bad changes in my life that I still feel happy about it. It changed the way I used to see the world around me. Like, totally!

The phase helped me encounter different characters which were part of me. The importance of each and why I shouldn’t give up on any of them.

Long story short, I met a new form of life!

This new life wasn’t having any happiness, or sadness. I stopped giving fuck about anything, even if it mattered to me.

One day, I realised the change I was going through and the next day, I decided to go for that bike tour. Just like that!

Throughout the journey, I came to know the importance of all kind of jobs in the world. Every single thing, whether it’s small or big, has a potential.

Forget about engineering or doctor professions, if the delivery person was having an engineering degree, then there wasn’t anyone doing this work. No CODs, hah!

How did I realise it?

Well, what I’m going to share now, might look like I’m bragging about myself, or about all the travellers I’ve met or heard about.

If a person with piles of money, tonnes of happiness, a happy family, a secure life, or a small job with satisfaction, is looking up to a person who has left his/her home and questioning about his/her decisions, writing on his/her Facebook updates that “you’re living a life”, then there has to be something wrong about everything.

The formula is somewhere, failing!

You’re aware of a secret formula to make millions. And, yet you’re thinking that a person who has left home for some unknown reasons is happier than you.

How is it possible?

After going through both sides of the coin, I realised that the reason why there is no job satisfaction in this world, is because people are looking outside. 

They don’t do things because they want to. They do because someone else is doing it. And, even in this case, they are not enjoying this phase of life!

During my recently concluded 60 days India tour, I got a chance to meet one gem of a person.

Jubaneshwa Mishra, who travelled across 28 states of India, and did 28 different jobs in 28 weeks. The kind of jobs he did range from IT firm to marketing to a person selling stuff on streets to a person doing cremations in Varanasi.

Jubaneshwa Mishra Book

Think about it! Would you go out on such a journey? Doing all the kinds of work, just to find what works best for you?

You can read his book (available on Amazon) to go through all his experiences. I’m reading it right now!

Let’s come back to the primary topic now!

Finding A Reason or Waiting for it to Find You?

Start by finding a reason. If you think you are good at Maths. Get onboard and sail towards a job which asks you to solve mathematics queries. Or anything related!

One day, the reason is going to find you. Yes, it’s going to come down, knock the door, and will pull you outside.

No matter how hard you try to control, all your efforts will be a waste.

Don’t believe me?

Tenzing Norgay is among the first individual to summit Mt. Everest. He achieved this back in 1953, when there was no techniques known to mankind to safely climb such a mountain. Even today, the decision of touching the roof of the world comes under the impossible ones.

He actually walked in a dead vacuum, throwing away his life in the hands of the mountain. When asked about his act, he said this,

Reason Why You are born Tenzing Norgay

You guys read a lot of motivational quotes, speeches, watch a lot of TED videos, and God knows what. So, you all are aware of similar persons and real life examples.

I don’t know how it’s going to happen but, it will!

You just need to hang-in and keep on doing what you do.

There is a line I read in Bhagavad-Gita, ‘ comes first, then knowledge, and then experience.

Believe in your work, keep on doing it to attain the knowledge, and one day, you’ll have enough experience to survive any kind of situation.

How to know if you’re doing the right work?

As I realised and mentioned above, there is nothing like a good job or bad job. It’s all about how you take it!

You don’t know the reason why you’re born. Fair enough! But, at least, you’re doing something and believe me, it will come handy in future. Even if this work is nowhere similar to what ‘you’re born to do’ one.

After spending 26 years of my life, I came to know that I belong to the roads. I’m good at exploring and can keep on doing it, regardless of the situation.

Now, my knowledge and past work experience as a blogger are coming handy. No?

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#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)



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