The plan was to go out with no money, Hitchhiking from Jaipur to Guwahati but, it didn’t happen exactly!

Still, after experiencing those 6 days, I ended up having an unforgettable travel memory. In fact, it’s the best travel I have ever done.

Yes, my All India Solo Bike Tour, and later the All India Digital Skill Mission road trips are not holding the top-shelf position anymore! It’s this hitchhiking from Jaipur to Guwahati trip, is my new cool!

You know, things change, I change!

I boarded no hotels, thanks to the couple of good friends and those buses, roads, and the train. We were either looking for a free stay or were all set to travel in the day and night, continuously.

Pawan Kumar Hitchhike Trip

After doing two continuous North to South and back again to North, road trips, it was the West to North East which got my attention. I researched a bit but, came across zero road trips in this direction. Later, my friends tagged a couple of good souls who have done such an act. Twinkle Kapdi is one of them!

Why this hitchhike trip?

Well, deep down in my heart, I’ve a strong attraction for the life our Indian Nomads have. We often call them Baba or Sadhu!

Since childhood, I’ve noticed them travelling from one place to another without worrying about money. They don’t care for the place to stay and seems to have no plans!

Now with the knowledge of how to operate the internet, particularly of using the social media apps, we have seen a rise in these modern nomads travelling around.

Being one of these digital nomads, I wanted to experience the other side. It’s not that ugly as one might expect!

In fact, it demands you to break the chains and come out from the shyness. Basically, “Ask for help” is the mode you have to switch!

Hitchhiking from Jaipur to Guwahati

Thanks to my good friend, Dinesh Shekhawat, I reached Delhi on his bike. He was going there for some work, and I boarded that idea.

Hitchhiking from Jaipur to Guwahati HighwayMonks

Then Jay Paudyal joined me in from Delhi and we went to the bus stand in Noida via multiple vehicles. We asked for a trash collector to give us a ride on his trash-collection vehicle. We then boarded an electric rickshaw, took a couple of local buses, followed by Metro.

Hitchhiking India

It was tough for anyone to offer us a ride, because of our long hairs, beard and weird personalities. Coming out of Delhi was tougher than rest of the journey as there is no straight road or route you can take. Particularly, when you don’t have own vehicle and money to hire one.

I was totally exhausted by the journey since morning from Jaipur to dragging inside Delhi. I wanted to either sleep there at the Bus Stand or get a comfortable ride ahead.

We instantly saw a Volvo Bus taking off from the Bus Stand towards Lucknow. Immediately, we went up there, tried our best to get the discount, and boarded the two last seats of the bus.

The bus conductor first agreed to offer us a good discount but, later, ditched us with two options. Either to leave the bus or pay the original cost.

That journey cost me half of my total budget for the North East trip ahead. While I spend most of the time, thinking about how to do the cost-cutting ahead, Jay was busy wondering what went wrong with the conductor.

Later he reached to a conclusion that it has to do with our look again. Maybe, this time, someone thought that we’re some ‘officials in disguise!’

What do you think?

The bus which was supposed to take just a night took 6 more hours to reach Lucknow. We took a halt at a friend’s house, ate Rice and Cabbage, and slept for an hour.

Last one and half day journey made me feel dehydrated. So, we bought some Cucumbers and ate them. Later, changing our plans to stay there, instead, move towards Allahabad.

Pawan and Jay in Allahabad Hitchhiking India

Abut 40KMs before Allahabad, we were invited to a birthday occasion of a friend’s son. We tried to get a lift from trucks but, ended taking a local bus on that route. We had to reach Nawabganj where Vipin Pandey was waiting to receive us!

We reached his village, had the tasty dinner and started sharing the journey experiences so far. Last time I came to Vipin’s home in Allahabad during my bike tour, there was no electricity in the town for the whole night. Next morning, when I left his home, electricity was resumed!

It’s a weird thing with me, and I’ve tonnes of examples to prove that, well, It’s Real!

As I and Vipin started talking about that night, he commented that the new government in the state has been working day-night to change the scenario. There is rare electric cut these days!

Before I could open my mouth to comment on that, the electricity took off!

Well, told yea!

This time, it wasn’t just the electricity which took off. The peace and calm weather took it off too, replaced by strong wind, full of loose soil.

As we were seating outside in the verandah, we were like seating, right at the centre.

Next morning, we ate delicious poha at home and took off for the Allahabad. Vipin kept asking about our next plan but, we had none!

Vipin Pandey, Jay Paudyal Pawan Kumar

He was also laughing about the electricity and the sudden thunderstorms which it followed!

We took a local sharing taxi to reach Allahabad and were standing next to a petrol pump, thinking about our next move.

Jay was confused to continue till North East or go back to Delhi to attend his urgent meetings. On the other hand, I had no idea, how to survive with just half of the total budget.

In numbers, I had about 8k INR in total for this trip! That’s all the money I could save for my North East trip.

How stupid I am! Tell me more about it in the comment section below.

Out of nowhere, a message came from a blogger friend in town, Vinayak Kejriwal (he has no relation with that name, ahem ahem). He kept on asking about where we are and, we were confused.

Later, he came in, took us to his home.

While Vinayak was thinking and telling us about the food items we can have (the whole community knows how passionately I and Jay love local food), and we both were wondering whether to take a bath or not!

You know, after that thunderstorm night!

Allahabad Local Food

We couldn’t find a train that day, which can take us to Guwahati, and consider our past experiences, we thought of making a change in the whole plan!

In last four days, we came to know that it’s tough for us to get free rides on the road, which is the core-basic of hitchhiking. You know, because of the looks!

And, if we force it to continue, it will take, another 5-10 days to reach Guwahati. Considering the monsoon over there, it looked a stupid move to bait on hitchhiking.

So, we tried to get a reserved seat in the only train we could find that night. But, we were out of luck!

On the other hand, Vinayak was continuously naming new-new food items. So, we thought of staying at his home that night and explore Allahabad streets.

The dinner was done at famous Shankar Dhaba. I showed my stupidity again, ordering Bhindi-Fry which wasn’t fresh, at all!

Shankar Dhaba Allahabad

But, the Dal-Fry was delicious!

Next morning, Jay decided to go back to Delhi and attend his work, and I took off to Allahabad junction. Took a local ticket and boarded the next train, Tripura-Sundari Express!

The train took about 24 hours to reach Guwahati. Most of the time, I was standing, as there was no seat. After Patliputra, I got a seat on top-shelf and slept there.

Next morning, I was greeted with the greenery outside the window. The cabin was full of people, so, I couldn’t come down. I was so jealous of the person sitting in the window seat!

In those 24 hours, the only thing I ate was one small packet of GoodDay biscuit!

To keep my mind distracted from the food craving, I kept it busy in reading the Old Man and the Sea!

The story kept me motivated as in that, an old dude was stuck in his boat with just a fish to eat for 2-3 days!

The trains in North East region, run slower than another part in the country. It has something to do with the rain, I guess!

I felt so happy after reaching Jalpaiguri, and later Guwahati.

Pawan Kumar HighwayMonks

I have experienced similar reaching-summit moments earlier but, this one was so special!

I was happy as I just had a travelling experience, I always wanted to!

~ The Indian Sadhu-Baba experience

I was happy as there was not a single thing planned during this journey and yet, I ended up having all good experiences!

~ Well executed No-Plan

I was happy as I finally reached the gateway town of North East!

~ Guwahati

You can watch my first vlog, sharing the hitchhiking from Jaipur to Guwahati experiences. Please tell me how bad it is!

In past eight months, I have managed to travel about 40k KMs, using all sort of transport mediums. Yay!

Tu toh paak rab da baanka bachha,
Raj dulara tu hi,
Paak rab da baanka bachha,
Uska pyaara tu hi
Maalik ne jo chinta di toh,
Door karega wo hi
Naam ali ka leke tu to hooo
Naach le gali gali le naam ali ali
Naach gali gali le naam Ali Ali ~ Patakha Guddi

#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


  1. You can’t be stupid as you already covered most of the part in the country and men this is India and here people judge you based on looks. I loved this hitchhiking concept and i love to share small story of mine regarding Hitch Hiking.

    Where i was kid, me and my friend often takes a long walk in late night but when we fails to reach our home we often asks for lift to drop us back home. It was real fun as there were some gentle people out there. During that time people had Bajaj scooter so we 3 to 4 friends can easily set on one scooter.

    I will try this HitchHiking for sure and kudos to you buddy.

    • Hi Niraj, well, this trip is still far away from exact hitchhiking but, no one is participating in a competition, so, I still did the best I could. Yes, people will always judge you based on looks. Sometimes, I want them, it’s fun! 😀
      Your childhood story is one of its adventure as that time, you were not this smart and grown up. 🙂
      Keep traveling, keep sharing the journey.


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