Jaipur, better known as Pink City and छोटी काशी has a lot of attractions and Jalmahal (A Palace between a Water Body) is the best. For me, it’s the number one! Ever since I spend few golden hours at a beach in Goa, I was in love with the shores. Luckily, Jalmahal is a place in Jaipur which can deliver the same kind of experience (well, sort of).

This was about Jalmahal, my A point!

And, I planned to make it to the B point, which, of course, needs no introduction. B was India Gate, New Delhi!

I’ve made countless runs on National Highway 8, so this one was nothing new to me. Still, I gave it a fresh breath by deciding to make a run between these two known places of individual cities.

PS – Only a true highway fan will find this post interesting.

Let’s begin!


That palace in the background is the Jalmahal.


The distance between our two landmarks here is approx 260KM.


My usual T-Breaks 😀 Meeting genuine movie freaks <3


Back on track!

jalmahal-jaipur-to-india-gate-new-delhi2-1024x768 jalmahal-jaipur-to-india-gate-new-delhi3-1024x768

After entering the Manesar, the traffic reaches at its peak. So, I couldn’t stop and take pictures.

Finally, I was at India Gate. “Yay moment!”


I must say, it was a memorable day, other than the usual boring ones. 🙂

If you like to see more highway pics, then you can check my dedicated Facebook Album of the same (linked).


#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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