It’s not every day we find a chance to be part of such an ambience which is having the elements from past, i.e., culture, and present, or in technical words, a Hostel.

If you’re a traveller, planning a trip to Rajasthan, then you’ll be finding a stay in its capital city Jaipur, considering the number of attractions it has. And, Moustache Hostel can be a memorable one. Let me share the details of my stay.


The very first thing to consider while finding a hotel is that it should be located near public transport. The travelling part is still growing on me but I’ve at least, understand the difference between a traveller and a tourist.

Being a traveller, the cost of stay and travel plays a major role. So, one is always looking to find comfortable and affordable ones, which are not that far away from public transport (considering it’s the best and affordable way to commute).

Moustache Hostel is located at the prime location. It’s at a walking distance from Jaipur’s Bus Stand (Sindhi Camp) and not that far from the primary Railway Station.

Being located at the prime location, you’ll never find an end to the available food restaurants, cafes, and local joints. Although, a rooftop restaurant is part of the hostel too.

Being a newbie in the travelling, I don’t have that much experience with the hostels or hotels. Thus, I do not have that much knowledge to start a comparison.

As soon as I entered my room, which had six beds, I was caught by nostalgia. Being an engineer (although couldn’t complete the degree on time), I’ve lived few days in hostels. But this time, the hostel was clean and all good (you should visit an engineer college’s hostel room to have a better comparison).


The bed was comfortable, and room was offered the ‘must have’ i.e., AC and Wi-Fi. Overall, it was good enough to offer a comfortable stay.

Outside the room, every floor was offered a Mac, available for everyone to use. A dedicated reading place was also there for the avid readers. A small library is also available with a handful number of books.


Every floor has been painted with a different colour and you’ll notice these minor details for sure. For example, every shared room has these dolls. If both are female, then the room is shared by only female travellers, otherwise, it’s unisex.


There are also private rooms and here’s a picture of the same.


The entrance is where it starts. Everyone is asked to take off the shoes which gave me a feeling of home. They have filled the entrance with raw elements inspired from the culture of Rajasthan to give a culture-rich ambience.


moustache-hostel-jaipur8 moustache-hostel-jaipur9


There was this board where anyone can draw a shape using Bindis. I didn’t give it a try but here is what others have done so far. Skilful, isn’t it?


Other than a wristband to welcome my stay, they also offered me a printed map of the city, which was categorised among shopping, food, etc. Based on my knowledge of the city, it was well-planned and accurate.

As it always happens, the rooftop was my favourite part and as I mentioned earlier, it also had a restaurant. The Black Coffee I ordered was strong (that means Goooooood) and the overall ambience was splendid. Before I checked-in, it started drizzling which increased the overall scorecard for a rooftop restaurant.

moustache-hostel-jaipur3 moustache-hostel-jaipur5

While I was checking my emails and messages, I noticed a group of foreigners hanging out and enjoying the music. The staff informed me that there will be a live streaming of Euro Cup during the night, right here.

Every corner had a group of travellers sharing out their stories. I joined one of them and met Divya Shree, an enthusiastic traveller (Wandering Divs), Alice Godden, an unselfish person (social worker), and a couple of others.

We all shared a lot of stories. Alice being the aged one had the best stories about her social work, and countries she had travelled or lived so far. She is currently living in India to support her social work. I learned a lot from Divya, considering the number of places she has travelled so far.

We all got a chance to be part of a birthday celebration too!

I sat on the rooftop till 2AM, completing my pending work, and also watching the Euro Cup (not a fan, though).


Once again, my day ended with a new memory, new connection, and stories I couldn’t have heard over the internet.

So, if you’re looking to be part of a similar experience, check out their website for further details. Don’t forget to share your side of the story later.

#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


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