Forget about Goa, I’m adding here 10 New beach destinations in India which will make your friends jealous of the travel update and beach selfies.

Goa is definitely the first pick when it comes to beach destinations in India, but it’s mostly crowded. So, I thought you’ll be looking for new beach destinations in India.

New Beach Destinations in India

Have a look at following recommendations which can be equally fun as Goa and maybe, even better. It all boil downs to the things-to-do list you’re having for the upcoming holidays.

#1 Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Rama Krishna Beach is the most popular, but there are a couple of more in the city. Vishakhapatnam, a.k.a. Vizag is a city built from scratch. If Chandigarh is the number one city in North, then you should add Vizag for the South.


The beaches are clean and gets crowded in the evening hours. You can easily find a lot of street foods to eat which is heaven for a person coming from North India.

The city is not that expensive either, considering how clean and beautiful it looks.

Distance from Delhi : 1800 KM

Distance from Hyderabad : 620 KM

#2 Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu

The tip point of India in the South covered by sea from three sides. We Indian believe in places to get Moskh. Well, Kanniyakumari is a place where I want to die in my old age.

Kanyakumari Beach 3 seas

It’s not at all a big town, but have all basic necessities available. There is even an OYO room outlet with a bunch of other hotels and resorts.

Kanniyakumari is beautiful, peaceful, and people looking for solitude are going to fall in love with the place. It’s a dream place for the bikers doing round trips in India, including me.

Pawan Kumar at Kanniyakumari

Yes, that’s me!

Distance from Delhi : 2820 KM

Distance from Trivandrum : 90 KM

#3 Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu

Rameswaram is the town you need to visit first, which is about 350KMs away from Kanniyakumari, and then you can proceed to Dhanushkodi.

Rameswaram itself has a series of beaches, where you can stay for as long as you want and finish all pending discussions with the sea. Once you’re done with all the beaches, the Temple, and the APJ Abdul Kalam’s statue, Dhanushkodi is just 20KMs away.


Believe me, you’re going to remember this road trip, forever!

Distance from Delhi : 2774 KM

Distance from Chennai : 580 KM

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#4 Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

One of the Union Territory of India, Puducherry features a heavenly beautiful beach. Paradise Beach is the name you should lock destination in Google Maps and it will be an unforgettable experience.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry
source :

Most of the reviews I’ve heard from friends and found over the internet, all agree to one point. This beach is really a ‘paradise.’

Distance from Delhi : 2350 KM

Distance from Chennai : 160 KM

#5 Daman and Diu

Another Union Territory of India, but this time, an Island. Yes, Daman and Diu are the two islands near Gujarat and both of them are equally good.


For the first time in India, I saw a dedicated cycling track on both sides of the road. The roads were so cleaned and the same can be said for the beaches.

Distance from Delhi : 1252 KM

Distance from Ahmedabad : 360 KM

#6 Madhavpur, Gujarat

It’s not a popular beach for outsiders, but it holds a special place in Gujarati’s heart. While going towards Somnath from Porbandar, Madhavpur comes at the exact mid-way.


The highway meets the sea, which makes it more special. You’ll not find a lot of things to here, but the beach is a must visit. It’s almost secluded, but with a local offering camel ride and another offering Chana Jor Garam!

Distance from Delhi : 1050 KM

Distance from Ahmedabad : 190 KM

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#7 Kovalam, Kerala

A small town located on the coastline of Kerala, is a must visit if you’re looking to have a local experience. There are hardly any touristic things available here, which makes it a perfect attraction for travellers.

Kovalam, Kerala beach in kerala
source : Keralatoursco

Hawa and Light House Beach are the two names you can search on the Google Maps. The Light House Beach even has a viewing platform. Awesome, right?

Distance from Delhi : 2885 KM

Distance from Mumbai: 1710 KM

#8 Karmatang, Andaman and Nicobar

It’s not fair to name just a single beach when we’re talking about Andaman and Nicobar, but Karmatang is a name you can start the journey with.

Karmatang, Andaman and Nicobar
source :

You can find the perfect marine culture here with a couple of islands. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Havelock island!

Distance from Delhi : 2485 km

Distance from Chennai : 1367 km

#9 Marina Beach, Chennai

I don’t think this beach needs any introduction for a South Indian, but North Indian might read it for the first time. It’s one of the longest beaches in Asia and mostly stays crowded.

Marina Beach Sunrise HighwayMonks

It’s a perfect picnic place for Chennai citizens and even for tourists. Hundreds of stalls are operated throughout the day till midnight, offering different local food.

Distance from Delhi : 2190 KM

Distance from Bengaluru : 350 KM

#10 Murudeshwar, Karnataka

Are you a Shiva devotee? Perfect. Murudeshwara town in the Karnataka should be included in your list. The beach side of the town features a temple with world’s second-tallest Shiva statue.

murudeshwar Temple with beach in karnatka
source :

If not by road, you can even reach here by train. Netrani Island is another attraction which is a known name for Scuba diving in India.

Distance from Bengaluru : 512 KM

Distance from GOA : 200 KM

Where you’re going next? I think you’ll soon be sharing selfies at all of these beaches.

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