Varanasi is not a city where you can expect a nightlife. It’s definitely a big city in Uttar Pradesh, but the old city area features not many things which stay open in late hours.

Here is a list of things to do in Varanasi at night, or a coverage on Varanasi nightlife. This coverage is written for the old city area only, which is located around the 87 Ghats.

Things to Do in Varanasi at Night

I did saw a video this year, featuring tales of Varanasi. The anchor asked youngsters about nightlife of Varanasi and they said, “there is no nightlife in Banaras.”


I’ll link the video at the bottom (it’s funny and a good watch). During my six days visit, I found the same. Still, there are few things I personally did during the late hours, as I’m a night owl.

#1 Hostel Hangouts

I stayed at Roadhouse hostel at Assi Ghat and we always had an activity going at the rooftop area. There was a Chinese group, who used to play flute and sing songs.

We even celebrated a birthday, and there was a Saturday night party organised by the hostel management. In no sense, these activities were equal to those nightclub ones, but they were fun and good enough to give each of us a lifetime memory.

This is one of the reason, solo travellers are always looking for hostels, instead of hotels.

#2 Walk at Ghats

During my six nights, I was out there walking the ghats every night. Twice, I was alone, once I was with a girl, and twice, I was with my friends who came to Varanasi.


I never sensed anything bad which could give us a negative memory of the Ghat areas in night time. So, if you don’t feel sleepy, a Ghat walk is always an option.

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I visited during Dev Deepawali, so there was always a Ramayan act being played near Assi Ghat. FYI, the river side is always peaceful during late hours.

#3 Have a Paan

The restaurants and Paan stalls are opened till 10-11PM, which gives an option to consider. I was always looking to have a Paan after dinner.

Unfortunately, no restaurant or even small shops are opened after 11PM. And, it’s rarely anyone walking in the streets.

However, the Ghat where cremation are done is opened 24 hours. If you’re new to this thing, then that’s an option you can consider.

I went there in both day and night time. Most of the people I met there said that they found peace here.

#4 Dev Deepawali

Fifteen days after Deepawali (Diwali) festival, Dev Deepawali is celebrated in Varanasi. This is the biggest festival in the town and during the occasion, a lot of events are organized.


I was there during the Dev Deepawali this year, and enjoyed the event till midnight. There were thousands of people around and different events at different ghats.

#5 Bars in Varanasi

Till 11PM, the Bars in Varanasi are opened. So, if you’re looking for a place to chill out and have beer or a drink, a simple Google search will lead you to the nearest bar.

The same is with the restaurants. They operate till 11PM and afterwards, there is no option you can get food or alcohol from.

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Considering the nightlife starts after 9-10PM in metro cities we live in, almost everything in Varanasi is closed at 11PM. This is the reason why there is no nightlife in Varanasi.

Here is the video I was talking about.


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