Now that I have got your attention, it’s time to start with what’s truth and what’s fake with the North East!

I have been planning the North East trip since a year and two of my solid plans have already failed. The third one was a half success as I managed to explore three states out of seven sisters. Assam, Meghalaya, and Tripura!

Every time I used to mention about NorthEast trip, I used to get a lot of suggestions and personal experiences. I have been told by “professionals” how unsafe NorthEast can be.

Their stories of bike or car trip which didn’t go as planned are all that they share with everyone!

NorthEast is as Normal as any other part of country

After seeing the three states and interacting with locals of all seven, I have a strong feeling that those “experts” were either lying or trying to sugar quote a “normal” bad experience which is part of every travel plan.

Fact – If you really know a person travelling for a long period, you’ll find him sharing both bad and good experiences. Not just the bad or just the good ones!

Anyways, let me start with what all I’ve to say now!

#1 NorthEast is as Normal as any other part of country

Do one thing, go to the comment section below and write down your city name. I’ll name a bad/negative/not-so-good area in your city where even the locals don’t prefer to go.

Getting the point?

Facts about North East

Every city or town has such goon areas where normal people like us don’t go. Or, at least, it’s not totally safe to go!

The same applies to the NorthEast India! There are a few areas where even locals avoid to go but, there are hundreds of places which are heavenly gorgeous!

So, unless you go out and want to explore such not-so-good areas, it’s all safe!

Throughout my North-East journey, I was using public transport, both during day and night time, and it was all safe. In my seven days of travelling using the public transport, I had no single bad experience!

The night bus I took from Shillong to Karimganj, broke at midnight at some undisclosed location. Still, not a single passenger looked worried to me, and there were families in the bus too!

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It maybe because of the fact that I never intend to disrespect any culture or language. You get the point, right?

#2 People are equally normal and loving

Throughout my one week of travelling in three states I mentioned, I was welcomed by every single person.

In fact, I did have a slightly bad experience which was because of the Rajasthani people, not the NorthEast locals. In Shillong, I couldn’t find a hotel (I prefer finding offline) and most of the businesses in town are run by Rajasthani (Marwari people).

Cherrapunjee Highway Roads

They were not even interested in talking even after knowing that I came from Jaipur. On the other hand, locals out there were always greeting with a smile, guiding me to the next hotel where I might find the accommodation.

Later I came to know about the incoming labour thing in Shillong, which was the reason behind ‘Sold Out’ tags at hotels. Still, it was the smiling face of locals which got me.

A couple of friends I have in NorthEast were so happy to see me there. Not just them, their family members were equally happy. They were totally interested in knowing my travelling plans in order to ensure that I don’t miss important places.

#3 Most of them understand English and Hindi

The language barrier is a big issue when it comes to travelling in India! Every state has its own language but, when it comes to NorthEast, people again start sharing their viewpoints which have no ground.

During my trip, I found most of them speaking English and Hindi or, at least, one of them!

In a bunch of cities in South India, people don’t like tourists and they keep conversations in their native language. Even if they know other languages and aware of the fact that person in front is asking for help.

In the case of North East India, I didn’t have any such experience. If a person wasn’t able to understand what I was trying to convey, then he’ll stop and ask others to get the help.

#4 Internet providers and connectivity

The cities and towns over there are having proper internet connectivity. During my trip, I checked BSNL, Airtel, and JIO, which were working fine.

North East is Gorgeous Green

BSNL has the best connectivity out there but, other competitors are also coming up with best of their service. Technically speaking, it’s really tough to provide proper connectivity in NorthEast terrains which are mostly covered with forests.

I did three live sessions on our Facebook Page and Instagram profile and had no major connectivity issues.

#5 About the Racism

If we don’t talk about it, then it doesn’t mean it’s not present!

We, Indians are Racist and this is what I’ve experienced throughout the country. Not just with the NorthEast!

I have seen a North and South Indian fighting (real, offline mode) over the superiority of their states or language. I have seen them doing a catfight on Facebook. Ring any bells?

If you go out there and poke someone for their looks, you’ll end up having a really bad experience. It’s just like you going to Haryana and making fun of their language or the way they look!

No one is going to entertain such racism, right?

So, even if you’re a racist (deep down, everyone knows it), try and leave that part at home. Learn to respect everyone for who they are, and soon you might change for the good!

Surprisingly, there were more Rajasthani people in NorthEast than I was expecting. Shillong was full of them and I even asked every second person on the street. “Are you Rajasthani?” And, most of them replied, “Yes!”

Whatever You’ve Heard about North East, is True!

Still here? Now that you’ve gone through all the details and my personal experience, I hope you understand that the stories you’ve heard about North East are true. The part of India is untouched, glamorous, alluring and divine.

About those bad experiences thing, well, it’s just like any other state or city in the country!

Tripura Highway Roads

We all have heard hundreds of stories about people going from North to South, i.e., Kashmir to Kanyakumari or vice-versa. But, I couldn’t find a single story of a person who did West to NorthEast.

At 2 AM in the midnight, I decided to do this West to NorthEast hitchhike trip, as I wasn’t having a good budget. And a day after that, I was on the trip.

You can watch the vlog and see what all I did along. It took six days to reach Guwahati from Jaipur and I didn’t book a single hotel!

You can also watch my trek to Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya video. It’s one of the wonders of the world.

So, what do you think about NorthEast now?

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