Pushkar town is a very popular name among tourists, both domestic and foreigners. Most of them believe it is a good visit only during the famous Camel Fair. Frankly speaking, they are right!

But, if you’ve missed the famous Mela, there is still a good number of other things to do in Pushkar. I visited the town a week before the Camel Fair, and here is my first-hand experience.

Things to Do in Pushkar

It’s a small town near Ajmer, located between Aravalli Mountain range. It’s approximately 40KMs away from Ajmer and 145KMs away from Jaipur.

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Let’s start with the compilation of things to do in Pushkar when it’s not the Camel Fair time.

#1 Sunrise at Lake

Sunrise in pushkar
source : backpackingpushkar.blogspot.in

The moment you reach the town, go straight to the Lake area. Around the lake, there are many restaurants and hotels where you can sit, relax, sip a tea or coffee, and enjoy the sunrise.

The town is not that polluted yet, so the colourful hues crafted by the Sun rays is beautiful to capture and enjoy.

#2 Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple in pushkar
source : indovacations.net

Before the town became a hot name among tourists, the town was known for its Brahma Temple. It’s the only place in the world, where Brahma temple is present. So, among Hindus, it’s a sacred place!

The temple is old, historic, and a beautiful piece of architecture, which is a good visit, at least, once. The evening hours are mostly crowded in the temple so, you can schedule the visit accordingly.

#3 Drive towards the Ghati

ghati drive in pushkar things to do

If you’ve reached the town from Ajmer, then you’ve already traveled the Ghati area which is a must visit. It’s the outskirts area which is a peaceful and beautiful place to spend some time.

It looks like a small forest, but it’s not that green, as we’re talking about Rajasthan here, which is the desert part of India.

#4 Camel Safari

camel safari in pushkar
source : royaladventuretours.com

Just outside the main town, you can see a good number of Camels doing their chill-out sessions. Ask their managers and you can bargain for a Camel Safari experience.

Among tourists, Camel Safari is a must do thing in Pushkar. I’ve done it when I visited the place during my childhood.

#5 Quad Biking

quad biking in pushkar
source : La Vacanza Travel

It’s one of the adventure sports activity in the town. Personally, I’m not a big fan, but if you are, then there is an option available.

You can explore the desert area on Quad Bikes and it can even be arranged for a group of people.

#6 Trekking

trekking in pushkar highwaymonks

In the Ghati area, there are many mountains which one can trek. I took my bike into the canal which was dry and then trekk onto a mountain to see the town from a decent height.

Being a mountain lover, trekking is always a joyful activity for me. But, I understand that it’s not for everyone!

#7 Camping

camping in pushkar
source : Goibibo.com

Outside the prime town, there are a good number of camping sites, both owned and free.

A simple Google search can provide you list of good hotels offering camping, or you can carry a personal tent.

#8 Shopping

Shopping in pushkar
source : PushkarGuide.com

The shopping experience is priceless during the Camel Fair, but the town is always ready with its shops. The town is still old (most of the parts) and so does the shopping culture.

You can find handicraft items, featuring the Rajasthani culture. You can find a good number of Yoga books too, as the place is mini-Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of World!

#9 Local Food

local food in pushkar HighwayMonks bike ride

Local Rajasthani food is available at almost every 100-200meters in the prime town. You should try different cuisines once, as the restaurants are not that pricey. Malpua shouldn’t be missed at any cost!

Tourists from other countries can also find different cuisines in popular restaurants which are one-click away on the Google Maps.

#10 Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride in pushkar
source : saralholidays.com

Considering the vast open land around the town, Hot Air Balloon ride can be experienced. Once you arrived, the hotel manager can give you a good number of recommendations.

Or, you can go through online reviews and make a better call.

#11 Sunset at Pushkar Lake

sunset in pushkar highwaymonks

Remember the first point in this compilation? You can repeat the same during Sunset too. At least, I did!

There is also a restaurant named Sunset Cafe which is the best place to be present during the evening. However, the Indian food served here is not that tasty.

When I was there, there were two musicians playing local folk songs just outside the restaurant, which was the highlight of the place.

During the Camel Fair, you’ll find a lot more activities. But, the town still holds a good number of things to do, which I’ve mentioned above.

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Are you going to plan a visit now? Even if it’s not during the Mela?

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