A compilation of places to see snowfall in Himachal Pradesh from Delhi. As the calendar inches towards the cold breeze, the mountains in Himachal Pradesh has started getting white.

There are places in the state which always hold the snowy peak, but it’s the winter which makes every area snowy there.

Thus, a good escape for Delhi citizens from the city chaos to go out, live a day or two among the mountains and enjoy the snowfall.

Places to See Snowfall in Himachal Pradesh from Delhi

Let’s start with the compilation and see what all options you have. FYI, Himachal Pradesh is just 265KMs away from Delhi, considering Parwanoo as the entrance.

#1 Kasauli

Kasauli is the closest town in HP which comes under Solan district. You might not find snowfall, as it happens once in a four years only. Even in four years, there is no guarantee about it. So, it all depends on the slight chance.

source: indialovely.wordpress.com

I’ve included the place as it’s on route to Shimla from Delhi. So, you still have nothing to loose.

Distance of Kasauli from Delhi – 288KMs

#2 Shimla

Better known as Queen of Hills, Shimla is your best pick unless you’re a true adventurer or a backpacker. Personally, I never had this urge to go to Shimla, even when everyone is recommending it to me.

source: flywidus.com

The roads in Shimla are good and the city has a good number of things to experience. The city is connected via Train and Air services too!

Distance of Shimla from Delhi – 343

#3 Kufri

It stands at just 13KMs away from Shimla and is the second best place to experience snowfall near Delhi.

source: travelhi5.com

It’s a small hill town which you can take off the list easily. Considering, you’ve already made it to Shimla!

Distance of Kufri from Delhi – 357

These three and nearby villages are the only nearby snowfall destinations in HP from Delhi. To see the rest, you need to go beyond which will probably require more days to add to the vacation.

If I was you, I’ll definitely go till 600KMs, as the distance including a day or two vacations among the snowfall can be covered in 4-5 days.

The important thing to know is that most of the roads in HP are closed during this duration.

So, there are very fewer chances that you can reach to any of the places. Still, you can try and drive until the roads are opened and enjoy the journey.

#4 Kullu

Depending on the weather and the traffic on the NH44 road, you can reach Kullu within a day.

source: indileak.com

It’s a town full of beautiful landscapes and trust me, you’ll find tough to leave the place. It will always have a special place in your heart!

Distance of Kullu from Delhi – 498

#5 Manali

As you’ve already reached Kullu, going towards the Manali and travelling to one of the high-altitude towns of Himachal Pradesh is an idea worth considering.

source: mouthshut.com

Keeping our three months of the calendar, December, January, and February to see snowfall, Manali will never disappoint you.

Distance of Manali from Delhi – 538

#6 Kalpa and Kinnaur

Both these towns are a perfect gateway for travellers who are all set to have an adventurer trip during the winter. You’ll not only find snowfall but will have hundreds of peaks to trek.

source: flickr.com

The only downside going to these places is that they are not very close to Delhi and you should have, at least, a week vacation.

Distance from Delhi – 612

#7 Keylong

The Lahaul and Spiti valleys are well-known for their gorgeous landscapes.

source: go2india.in

When you’re in Manali and if the roads to Keylong are open, you should consider going to Keylong which is a 70KMs drive towards J&K.

Distance of Keylong from Delhi – 600+

Where you’ve decided to go now? Keep sharing the experiences!

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