Road trip to Leh Ladakh in pictures is what I’ve got for you today. The trip was planned since last year but, it became reality now.

The roads to Leh-Ladakh are still not opened via Manali (at the time of planning the trip), so, I executed my plan via Srinagar, which is the only possible way.

I started from Delhi, reaching Udhampur by the end of Day 1. At the end of Day 2, I crossed the Kashmir valley, Srinagar, took rest at Dal Lake (couldn’t resist because of its beauty), and reached Sonmarg.

I crossed Zojila Pass on Day 3, driving through Dras and Kargil. Not a single bad experiences so far, which I guess should be the highlight of my writing as a lot of people are worried about this route due to the usual situation in J&K.

As a team, HighwayMonks was in Kashmir in January this year, and now in May. Again, not a single bad experience!

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The sides of the highway after Sonmarg was covered by snow and the temperature is dropping below freezing point. Of course, adding to the overall experience!

Road Trip to Leh Ladakh in Pictures

Due to poor internet connectivity in Leh, I couldn’t share much of the details now. Still, sharing few of the best pictures of Leh Ladakh road trip. I’ll come up with more detailed blog posts once I return back home.

For now, enjoy these pictures.

Srinagar Ladakh Road Attractions

Kashmir Leh Road

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

Ladakh Photos

Zojila Pass Photo
Zojila Pass

Zojila Pass Ladakh Road

Kargil Leh Road Picture

Road Trip to Ladakh

Trip to Leh Ladakh

Travel to Ladakh 2017

Ladakh Trip Planning

Trip to Ladakh HighwayMonks

Road Trip to Leh Ladakh in Pictures
Road Trip to Leh Ladakh HighwayMonks

Tourism in Ladakh

My bike (Avenger 220) has become a rockstar now. A lot of families wanted to capture pictures on it. 🙂

Namkala Pass Leh Ladakh

So, these were the pictures I can share at this hour. You can follow HighwayMonks Instagram profile if you love checking out stories. You know, everyone has a lot of pictures which don’t deserve to live beyond 24 hours. Like this one!

Tea Food in Ladakh
Tea in Ladakh

I’ll take your leave as I’ve some sightseeing to be done for the day. Between, this is how it looks outside the window.

Leh Ladakh Homestay

Oh between, Kashmir is incredibly beautiful, just like a paradise as they say. Do visit once while you can!



  1. Awesome clicks! This article is really inspiring and I’m impressed by the information which you have provided, very well explained and provided with all the detailed places to visit. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with us.

  2. Hey thanks for the post. Can I ask a question? Can you confirm that these pictures were all taken in the month of May? Is that right? If so, was it early May, mid or late May? I know conditions vary by the year, but did you experience any extremely icy roads between Srinagar and Leh? e.g. at Zoji-la? I’m thinking of going by bicycle in the month of May. Thank you for any and all advice.

    • Yes, all these pictures were taken in May end, the weather is unpredictable you may see lots of snow or no snow, but Leh Manali highway provides the best connectivity so if you are going by bicycle you can go without hassle only 40 km of Zojila pass area will be tough rest is smooth and less bumpy roads.


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