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January 12, 2041 – Listen up pals, I’ve done a lot of traveling in my young age. I have seen India with money and without money. I have gone to places without anyone’s support and with everyone’s support.

I have circled around my gorgeous country on the bike and a tempo traveler.

I have touched places inside the cities and states which I heard in books or even didn’t!

I have visited world’s wettest place on Earth and was unlucky enough to experience a dry Sun dominating day during the early monsoon.

I once crossed Gir Forest on my bike alone with no idea about what will happen if a wild animal comes down the forest road to say “Hello!”

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I had been treated like a poor biker/traveler as I didn’t have action camera installed and was lying on the road while traveling to Rameswaram. I was too tired to move at that hour!

I have been disappointed after seeing my countrymen following a racism culture and favoring their states or towns instead of the country or mankind.

I have seen how disappointed rich people are and how happy normal people are, and, vice-versa.

I have seen it closely and experienced how tough it’s for middle-class people, especially if they have big dreams.

I have experienced the fame, the power it buys, the responsibility it adds and how it ruins your normal -happy life!

I have been lucky enough to know my instincts and true power before turning 30. I knew how and where to find a cheap hotel without even knowing a city or having a GPS or Map.

I have been rookie enough to go on a month-long trek from Himachal to Ladakh and Annapurna circuit without preparing properly for it. Still, surviving the treks by a margin!

Ever since I heard about Mt Everest, how tall it is, how curvy or steep it is, and how dangerous it is, I have got nothing but, happy tears in my eyes.

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Later I came to know that there was one more person who had felt the pull of Everest before. The Tenzing Norgay himself and many others.

Knowing it’s a death trap, I still wanted to go ahead just like I loved a girl in my young age even after knowing we won’t be married!

It’s the power of belief which I have felt and believed on!

You can see me crying as I say that, “I had trekked till the Summit of Everest.”

I almost died there but, then my best friend pulled me up. I didn’t believe the story that people have summited Everest with imaginary friends before it happened with me as well.

I was there for a couple of minutes and I still don’t think if it was worth or not. But, at least, that pull, that urge is no more which might have made me feel disappointed till my grave.

Many people raised questions about the way I used to travel. It’s like I used to touch places, enjoy the food and move next. But, this is what traveling for me was.

It’s different for everyone! Although, one should understand the responsibility which comes with it. You can’t just go to a place and throw away trash.

It used to be tough to find a trash box back then and even if you found one, there was no guarantee that the trash was treated in a proper way.

The point is, no matter how hard you try, you end up exploiting a green place which gets crowded as time passes. Even with all our technology and brains, we are helpless.

However, I did meet few good souls who were brave enough to consider a complete city or town as their home and worked to keep it clean.

More than a good person, I have been called how bad or rude I am. There was a time my parents wanted me to wear a ring which was supposed to control my anger. But, I rejected it saying “I want my anger to stay.”

Other than few instances, I don’t have any regrets saying people to “fuck off” when they tried controlling me or stopping me. And, I’ll recommend the same to you because it’s important for your Self Respect.

Other than a few, most of my decisions were bad! I had to pay a cost, well, range varied, and face consequences. But, that’s life!

I have done the best I could to spread and share the little knowledge I had and to let everyone understand the importance of storytelling.

If we stop talking to each other in real and stop sharing knowledge (medium isn’t that important but, I prefer if it’s not digital), we stop evolving.

It’s important that you start meeting each other in real and share the stories in-person.

That’s the best I can suggest you. And, as an old man, if you respect me, this is what I want you to continue doing and spread the word out.

I’d love if you do that in-person.


#Wanderlust | After fighting against my destiny for years, and trying to get a settle life, I finally decided to be a Free Bird. I always felt this appetite to Travel, which I ignored in early phase of my career (as a Blogger). HighwayMonks is my Escape now :)


  1. Today I read all your articles, it was just awesome. And thinking that I can also do the same thing whatever you are doing. You are doing such a great job and all the best for your next trip. Still I remembered that when I was a kid a mountain I was able to see from my school,it looks like it is so near but it was too far from my school at least 15 km. So many times I tried to go over there by walking but every time I failed. I have only one dream to travel my beautiful India and I will complete this dream very soon.
    So much love and respect from my side achieve whatever you want in life and keep spreading your knowledge and stories like this.

    Thank you.

  2. You my friend not just a traveler or storyteller you are beyond that line which normal peiple can’t even imagine, the way you talk about your journey, experience with all the passion inside you is outstanding. I respect your feelings towards travelling – and i was just imagining that i would be like you- A Free Bird who can fly anywhere…. God bless you Brother!!!


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