What’s one thing you see in Banaras?

You don’t see just One thing. You see Two!

Tea and Paan are the prime attractions of Varanasi (I like calling it Banaras). Not only because of the taste or variety you get but also because of all the discussions which go around these two.

Personally, I’m addicted to tea and if you want me to talk, you have to bribe me with a tea. In Banaras, I found the same! Every person is busy buying a Tea in the morning hours and a Paan in the evening hours.

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I’m yet to find a person, including local, tourist, travellers, who didn’t like the tea!


What do they while enjoying Banaras Tea or Banaras Paan?

They TALK!

They talk about politics (mostly), business, money (now the Currency Ban issue) and religion.

I can guarantee that you won’t feel the urge to read a newspaper or open your Facebook, as all the news is delivered right at the Tea and Paan stalls.

FYI, one can find a good Paan anywhere, and the same applies to the Tea. Like everyone on the streets is an expert in making these two.

I think it’s because of the experience they have. As Mark Twain said about Varanasi, “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

Also, the roads of Banaras are painted with Paan Stains! No matter where you’re walking, till you are in Varanasi, you’ll find Paan Stains.


You can watch this video story done by BeingIndian to know how Paan is part of Varanasi and why I’m putting it at the center!

For a budget traveler like me, both items are affordable and available in almost, every street!

So far, I must have counted, at least, 50 stalls, but the number is bigger than that. I am sure!

Now, how about I take you away from the center of everything? Yes, Everything!

There is one thing of Varanasi, “World Famous”, that can instantly make you feel rich. It’s delicious and can take you into a super entertaining zone.

Got it? Blue Lassi or Bhang Lassi!


Pahalwan Lassi in Lanka area of Varanasi (near Banaras Hindu University BHU Campus) is the best place to have Lassi or even Bhang Lassi!


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