#1 Assi Ghat at Sunrise

Even if you’re a lazy person, Varanasi will wake you up in early hours. The traffic in the old city starts before Sunrise and the vehicle horn is noisy enough to wake you up.

This was the case every morning, but instead of complaining about it, I used the opportunity to go for a walk. The Ghat faces the East direction which means that you can enjoy the Sunrise.


The view is splendid. My only complaint is that there is nothing to eat there. The only thing you’ll find there is Lemon Tea.

#2 Assi Ghat at Sunset

Just like Sunrise, the Sunset hours makes the Ghat area a perfect place to go. During my six days in Varanasi, I always went for a walk in evening hours and stayed at the Ghat until 9PM.


I even went at 11PM and stayed till 1AM in the midnight. It was peaceful and the river looked amazing.

#3 Gol Gappe at Assi Choraha

Behind the Assi Choraha sign board, an old timer runs a small shop offering delicious Gol Gappe. He takes his time to make the recipe, but the wait is worth.


I always saw, at least, 2-3 people enjoying the Gol Gappe.

#4 Kachauri Sabji Breakfast

At Assi Choraha, the morning hours features a breakfast option. A local stall serves Kachauri Sabji with Jalebi which you should try once.


The taste is good for the price and the person cooking is friendly. He can help you know things to do around the place. It’s opposite to the Gol Gappe I just recommended.

Drooling? You shouldn’t miss the Local Food Trail of Varanasi post.

#5 Tea at Kashi Stall

The Tea served here is cooked using the Coal fuel and they use Kullad to do the serving. From the morning hours till the closing hours, the stall is always crowded.


The tea tastes different, delicious and one kullad will cost you 10INR. You can join discussions going around the tea here.

#6 Rajat’s Roof 80 Restaurant

Out of half a dozen of restaurants I tried near Assi Ghat, Rajat’s Roof 80 is the best. It serves all Indian cuisines including some Chinese.


The best part of this restaurant is the price for which you get the food. The food’s taste was always delicious and it was freshly cooked.

On top of this, the ambience is good. There is also a rooftop sitting area, which is not that good, but the interior one is good.

#7 Boat Ride to Opposite Bank

A boat ride to see all 87 ghats of Varanasi is definitely a choice, but you can even go to the other bank of the Ganges. We hired a boat for 400INR (five persons), which took us to the other bank (including the return charges).


The opposite bank of Ganges is where you’ll find solitude. It’s more clean and peaceful. You can go for a walk or even enjoy a horse ride.

#8 Yoga in Morning

Every morning, a free Yoga session is conducted at Assi Ghat. Hundreds of people join the session and on the occasion of Dev Deepawali, there were even more.


For regular yoga practitioners, the ambience is perfect and unforgettable. For non-practitioners (like me), the session is still worth watching.

These are the eight things to do at Assi Ghat in Banaras. If you have been here, let me know if I missed any worthy activity.

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  1. Hi, luved your post 8 things to do in Assi ghat,
    We are booked to stay in SuryaUday Haveli, I also like Ganges view hotel on Assi ghat,
    Which hotel and area will you recommend?
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