Here’s everything one should know, or at least, I know about things to do at Palolem Beach in Goa. You can even consider this write-up as Palolem Beach review.

This place is so mesmerizing and there is so much to cover that just one visit is so not enough. In this piece, I will talk about a quaint little beach in the southern part known as Palolem.

Accessibility – It is about 65 KMs away from Dabolim airport, 37 KMs away from Madgaon railway station, 2 KMs from Canacona railway station, 67 KMs from Karmalli railway station and about 70+KMs from Panjim bus stop. Bus fares are cheaper than cabs and taxis can be availed on shared basis.

Location – A serene beach in Canacona district, Palolem is situated in extreme South of Goa and is a famous getaway beaches for foreign tourists and people who like to enjoy nature and party scenes alike.

things to do in palolem goa, highwaymonks

About Palolem

A little over a mile long, Palolem is a bow/arch/crescent shaped beach with colorful shacks lining up the shoreline, bright blue skies and coconut trees in abundance. The shape makes one possible to view the beach in its entirety.

The sea is calm with a gradual increase in the depth, making it very easy for swimmers and the waves break only near the shore. There are islands in both the corners of the beach, with rocks jutting out from the sea.

Palolem was made famous in the Bourne franchise where it was shown as Jason Bourne’s hideout in “The Bourne Supremacy”.

Things to do Palolem Beach

Ideally, when you are on vacation, by the beach – the best thing to do is nothing. Just get yourself seated in one of the shacks, order a juice (100 INR/- per glass) or a local dessert – Banana Palambi or a Banofie pie (ranges from 100 to 200 INR/- from shack to shack) or a pint of beer (starting at @80 INR/- and above) and stare away at….well, everybody!

It’s fun! Or make new friends J-Talk to strangers, exchange cultural information, about places to explore and a few tips and tricks while traveling.

#1 Island Hopping and Dolphin Cruises

kayaking in palolem beach goa by roshni majumder

For a few more active ones, one can go for island hopping and dolphin cruises (@400 INR/- per person to 1800 INR/- per boat for two/individual) and kayaking in the sea (@200 INR/- for an hour).

It is imperative that one bargain for the best of deals. The people who take the entire boat for themselves have the liberty to spend as much time as they want as against the boats which take groups.

#2 Butterfly Island

butterfly island in palolem, highway monks

The adjacent islands – Butterfly island, Honeymoon beach and Monkey islands are small ones with the softest of sand and a very quaint island cove.

Monkey beach is where we did not get off to as I am not very fond of primates. There is a hiking trail and people who are wanderers and explorers in nature can give it a shot. Swimmers can take a dip in seclusion as well.

#3 For the love of Bird Watching

boat ride to backwaters in palolem beach

Bird lovers can take a boat ride @300/- per person in the backwaters right adjacent to the beach.

#4 Spa and Massage Parlours

spa and massage in palolem beach goa

For people who like to have more leisurely experiences can look into the various spa and massage parlors which promise to rejuvenate the senses while relaxing them.

The price range again varies but definitely does not create a big dent in the pocket against the ones provided in the city.

#5 and, the Adventure

Roshni Majumder in Palolem Beach, Highway Monks

And people who like to have some random shit adventure can just try to cross the sea on foot, to reach the neighboring islands or randomly walk into the sea till the rocks which jut out at the point where the sea grows deeper. I tried both @ 0/- expenses 😛

The water is crystal clear and the sand beneath sparkles like Swarovski.

#6 Food Part

food at palolem beach, food shacks

Food is exotic throughout Goa and Palolem is no exception. It has to offer everything that Goa has to offer but for people with loyal taste buds for north Indian food should visit Neptune Beach Point.

#7 Ride On!

A scooter ride to explore the terrains outside the beach will cost 400/- and is the best option to explore as cabs are primarily unavailable and expensive.

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These were my recommendations for things to do at Palolem Beach in Goa. From Palolem, other scenic and secluded South Goa beaches include – Cola beach, Agonda beach, Patnem beach, Polem beach.


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