Summary of #AllIndiaSoloBikeTour – Pawan’s Motorcycle Diary :)

The idea of this #AllIndiaSoloBikeTour originated from an obsession. I was obsessed with my deeds. During the journey, everyone asked me, “Why you are doing this?” I used to reply, “I wanted a different...
Ghost Town Church Dhanushkodi

रामेश्वरम और धनुषकोडी जहाँ मिलता है मोक्ष, सुकून और मन को आनंद (Part 1)

रामेश्वरम दक्षिण भारत में स्थित तमिलनाडू राज्य में है, रामेश्वरम जहा श्रीराम ने लंका जाने से पहले पूजा की थी, रामेश्वरम को वाराणसी जितना ही पवित्र मन जाता है यहाँ पर भी लोग अस्थिया...

The “Real” Rishikesh – Transition from Dev-bhumi to Dave-bhumi

‘Ram Jhula’ and ‘Laxman Jhula’ act like a border between the Devbhumi and soon to become (or maybe already is), Dave-bhumi. I’ve been to Goa back in 2012, and like everyone was surprised to...

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