A list where I’ve listed traveller’s picked nearest places to visit from Delhi. The distance range is not beyond 350KMs, making it possible to plan the visit on weekend.

Have lived in one of the touristy towns of India, Jaipur, I’m seriously done with touristy places. I feel better at untouched or less crowded places, which I’ve curated here.

Planning a 700KMs (round trip) road trip is possible as one can start on Friday night to Saturday morning and return back to Delhi before Monday.

Nearest Places to Visit from Delhi up to 350KMs

Let’s start with the list. As I’ve mentioned, the distance is not beyond 350KMs. All these places are accessible throughout the year. So, no weather restrictions unless it’s raining heavily!

#1 Sambhar

Off Beat Photography Place Sambhar

Welcome to the India’s largest inland salt lake which offers the best landscapes. It’s a favourite place among photographers and a couple of movies and TV commercials are shot here.

The beauty of Sambhar Lake lies in solitude. You’ll hardly find any tourist around and mostly local people. The place has very limited shops, so, it’s advisable to make a proper plan.

Best time to visit the lake is during the full moon and the best activity to do is camping at Sambhar for the whole night. It’s important that you read the linked post before planning a trip there.

Distance of Sambhar from Delhi – 340KMs

#2 Lansdowne

Lansdowne weekend getaways from delhi, highway monks bike ride to lansdowne

Looking for a nearest hilly town which has lesser tourists? Lansdowne should be your pick as the town is really small. Being a cantonment town, it’s well featured with all the basic necessities and it stays chilly even during summer.

The town is not that big, keeping a number of hotels and restaurants to the minimum. But, it’s one such place where I would go, rent a small room, and write my book or read others.

Also read: Bike Ride from Rishikesh to Lansdowne

Yes, it’s that peaceful!

Distance of Lansdowne from Delhi – 260KMs

#3 Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

source : MouthShut.com

Bharatpur is among the non-touristy towns in Rajasthan and the bird sanctuary over there is officially called Keoladeo Ghana National Park. The place is home to more than 230 species of birds and it’s totally man-made.

The best time to plan a visit is during Winter but, you can also go during Summer, limiting yourself in the room during day hours. It’s one of the best options if you’re big fan of wildlife experiences and want to have a peaceful day or two among a forest.

For a fact, Bharatpur is not the only bird sanctuary near Delhi.

Distance of Bharatpur from Delhi – 233KMs

#4 Bhimtal

Bhimtal in uttarakhand
source: euttaranchal

If you’ve already ditched Nainital then consider picking the same road and make a stop at Bhimtal instead. It’s a lake town in that district, having a lake and an old Shiva temple.

The town is part of the famous Silk Route, making it a must-visit for history freaks. You will also get a chance to visit a small island between the Bhimtal lake. Go there and find out why travellers are liking it more than Nainital!

Distance of Bhimptal from Delhi – 315KMs

#5 Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

source : ourncr.com

One of the closest option from Delhi for a weekend gateway which can be planned in a single day as well. The bird sanctuary is now listed among National Parks of India and it has a good number of resorts options which are affordable too.

The sanctuary has a couple of dozens of birds, making it a cool choice for bird lovers. The outskirt area is totally green, thanks to the efforts by the Haryana government.

Distance from Sultanpur from Delhi – 45-60KMs (depends on route)

#6 Mathura and Vrindavan

Prem mandir in mathura vrindavan, weekend getaways near delhi 250 KM

A place well-known for its Holy celebration which is also known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It’s approx 182KMs far from the centre of Delhi, making it another nearest good option. The Holy celebration is, of course, a touristy thing but, the city has tonnes of other offerings during off-time.

You can visit all the known temples, enjoy the local food, and walk through old streets of the town. Visit these two towns if you want to spend some spiritual time.

Distance of Mathura from Delhi – 182KMs

#7 Garhmukteshwar

Garhmukteshwar in uttar pradesh
source: new-delhi-hotels.com

A really small town which is only famous because of located near the Ganges. It has a Ganga temple, which was a no brainer, along with a bunch of other temples. There is nothing else in the town which can attract tourists, making it an ideal choice for people like us.

Go ahead and come back with some beautiful pictures at sunrise and sunset hours. Not to forget, local town experience stories which are priceless.

Distance of Garhmukteshwar from Delhi – 108KMs

#8 Sariska Tiger Reserve

sariska tiger reserve alwar
source: India Today

If not Lansdowne, I’ll pick Sariska Tiger Reserve not just because of the national park but, also because of the local temples and a lake located nearby. The Siliserh lake offers a scenic beauty and other temples around are really popular among locals.

You can enjoy the lake, temples, and a full day of wildlife experience. Other than that, you can also plan a short visit to Bhangarh, the famous haunted place of India.

Distance of Sariska from Delhi – 205KMs

#9 Kasauli


Inside the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is a cantonment town, just like Lansdowne which offers a really small town feel and mostly stays less crowded as it’s close to Shimla.

The town has a good number of Churches, Temples, and a Gurudwara. You can plan Gilibert trail which is highly recommended from my side. Remember Ramayana? The town has a connection to the famous mythology.

Distance of Kasauli from Delhi – 288KMs

#10 Jim Corbett National Park

source : jimcorbettindia.com

Last, but not the least, Jim Corbett National Park is a perfect pick but, you may find the place crowded during weekends. It has plenty of resorts, offering close to wildlife experience.

It’s still a good choice, considering the beauty and thrilling experience of the route from Delhi. You must go for the safari and at the end of the day, will have options to pick from luxury to adventure stays.

Distance of Jim Corbett from Delhi – 248KMs

Did I mention a touristy place here? Or let me know if I’ve missed a traveller’s paradise. It’s time to share the list of these nearest places to visit from Delhi on social media and make the plan happen this weekend.

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