Mumbaikars are often noticed complaining about the limited open-space they get in the city. Considering the same, Maharashtra Maritime Board is planning to gift two brand new beaches which will be developed in Mumbai.

The department wants to repeat its recent success in developing an artificial beach in Raigad!

The two new Mumbai beaches will be located at Girgaum Chowpatty and Dadar Chowpatty. To make it possible, the tetrapods covered Marine Drive and Mahim Bay will be replanned. A project which is expected to take, at least, four years!

new mumbai beaches

To make the two new Mumbai beaches, the department will add more sand, replacing the tetrapods. Thus, making the area easily accessible, and walkable. So, two new beaches to take selfies, Mumbaikars!

As per the calculation published in Mumbai Mirror, about 10 lakh cubic metre of sand is required to make a beach of 1000×100 square metre area. This data was shared by deputy director of Maharashtra Maritime Board, Mr. Jitendra Raisinghani.

The Maritime department will be supported by Asian Development Bank as the complete project is expected to cost about 240 crores (INR). The official work on ground will begin in 2018-19 fiscal year, as a lot of calculations have to be made prior beginning.

Calculations like Tidal motion and depth measurement. Not to forget the well-known Mumbai rain.

For the sake of security, watch towers will also be developed. So, it’s a hint that MTDC is planning to attract more tourists on the new beaches.

The two new Mumbai beaches are expected to have 1KM length and 200meter wide, each! It will definitely be welcomed by locals and tourists, as walking along the beach is an experience to have.

If any official reads this, please bring some local food options at these new beaches. Last time I visited Marine Drive, I couldn’t find anything to eat. 🙁

What’s your opinion on this?


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