My first two days in Banaras didn’t go that well, due to the currency ban, but the Oldest City still manage to give me few good and real experiences.

In two days, I have seen how Alive this city is, and how it is related to the Death.


Let’s talk Death first!

Today, I went to the Masaan area, where dead Hindu people are cremated. I’ve been to such an area (Shamshan) earlier, but this one in Kashi (another name of the city) is different.

The cremation process is being carried out, 24 hours here at Assi Ghat. While in rest of the country, it’s mostly restricted to be done during day time.

A person working there told me that this is the first place where this process was started. It’s the first Masaan!

Being there wasn’t anything new to me, but to Katelyn (a friend from the US), it was a new thing to see and think about.


The thing which caught my attention was a dead body we saw while walking down the Assi Ghat a few hour ago. The corpse was lying and it was unattended.

Before we can think of reporting it to someone, few local came there, pointing the same. They looked totally cool about it! Like, nothing new, at all!

I understand.

What I don’t understand is that there are few people, who don’t even get the chance to be cremated properly, even at a 24 hour working Masaan.

Death is the ultimate truth of life and an important part. If you’re not feeling alive, I’ll suggest you come here, see everything happening right in front of your eyes (women are allowed there – I confirmed, twice), and, it might help!

Seeing the Ultimate Truth!

Let’s talk Life!

The moment I came here, one of my poet friends, Shashi Prakash Saini gave me a list of food items to have. Due to the Currency Ban issue, I couldn’t try any of these so far.

But, whatever street food I have tried so far, it’s all good! It’s tasty and affordable. Bingo!

Fried Idli

After walking half of the streets near Assi and nearby Ghats, in morning and evening, I can say that Food gives Life to the Banaras.

For Foodie in You: Best Local Food in Varanasi

Being a Rajasthani, no food item was new to me, but the taste was authentic. I felt that street food providers still use genuine food products while cooking.

I’ve planned a week trip and I hope from tomorrow, the Currency Ban issue gets resolved. I’ll be covering more ground, going to each and every food joint. Yes, a proper Banaras Food Trail!

Crowd at SBI Bank in Varanasi after Currency Ban

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